Iconic Women & Their Iconic Jewellery! #Diamonds

After this year’s red carpet, we’re sure of one thing – A little bling Does go a long way! Whether it was Lady Gaga’s resurgence of the Tiffany diamond or the dripping in diamonds look of Charlize Theron, the celebrities brought the house down – Dazzlingly.

From Tiffany to Bulgari to Cartier, diamonds couldn’t get enough of the limelight this season. While the clothing choices took a subtle turn, the jewellery surely didn’t. The million-dollar Oscar’s affair couldn’t help us but wonder about all the iconic women who have dazzled us with their style and that perfect diamond. From an award function to a premiere event, with some of the biggest diamonds (ever!), these women have taken style to a whole new level.

Breaking the prototype of going subtle and blending in, numerous women have created their own pathway. Whether it was in design, fashion, film or even being a princess, they’ve made a difference in every field. While some diamonds and gemstones were known for their wearer, there were also some pearls adoring personalities! Remembering some of these powerful women and commending the ones who continue to make a difference, we’re celebrating the Women’s Week!

Creating their own style and standing tall, we’re talking about some of those iconic women and their diamonds. Whether it was an adornment for a role or an everyday accessory pickup – here are those shining under our spotlight!


‘A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls’ – And with her exquisite style, she did just that. Creating a fashion revolution in the times of corsets and flounces, Coco Chanel created her brand – that we all know Very Well Today! Known for her multiple strands of pearls, the lady changed the definition of fashion as we know it.


While Angelina Jolie is known for her beauty and being the foxy Tomb Raider, she stunned the Oscars red carpet with her staggering emerald drop earrings. Stealing the show, these emeralds were created by Lorraine Schwartz, weighed 115-carats and definitely suited the Oscar nominee.


Photo Credits: Corbis via Getty Images

The popularly known ‘Lady Di’ was also an avid collector of jewels. Her collection included various tiaras (one recently in question), necklaces, pendants among others. Her blue sapphire engagement ring has been one of the most sought after pieces. Currently belonging to Kate Middleton, the ring consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire. Now that’s a ring you wouldn’t say no to.


Have your breakfast the way Audrey does – In front of Tiffany’s or maybe own those pearl strands for the feels. Either Way, you wouldn’t go wrong with the style. The iconic actress who wore the famed Tiffany Diamond in 1961, was also known for her multi-strand of pearls from her costume in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Remember the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ from Titanic? Well, that one wasn’t real – But it was only fair that the actress wore the real deal for her Oscar nomination! Designed around the same concept, Harry Winston used a blue 15-carat diamond which was worth $20 million. And also achieved the most expensive pieces of jewellery worn.


Saving the latest for the last, Lady Gaga became the third person to wear the Tiffany Diamond after Audrey Hepburn. Paired with an Alexander McQueen black number, she was all set to claim the Oscar for her latest song/movie. With the bling all set to shine and the song ready to go with it – Lady Gaga definitely stole some hearts on the red carpet.

With our favourites nicely tied up with a bow, we’re still looking at all the women who inspire up with their style. And more so with their accomplishments. So while we’re drooling over some more of these images, which iconic jewellery have you noticed recently?  

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Iconic Women & Their Iconic Jewellery! #Diamonds
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Iconic Women & Their Iconic Jewellery! #Diamonds
Iconic Women & Their Iconic Jewellery! #Diamonds
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