SS18′: Welcome to the Fashion Jungle #Newlaunch

Calling all animal lovers, fashion fans and jewellery mongers! We’ve got just the treat for you.

From the ramps of Spring/Summer 2018, we bring to you actual animal prints, in gold and diamonds! Before you draw conclusions, hold your horses, we aren’t talking about the typical mumbo-jumbo of animal print. Instead, we are going all out and real this season with the actual animal motif.

Shrug aside the typical leopard prints, cheetah motifs and zebra stripes, and make way for actual animal faces, silhouettes and themes – that too in precious jewellery.

Be a step ahead!

Well, given the popularity of the trend, you’d be right to assume that this trend will be everywhere. From ramps to stores, and from red carpets to everyone’s wardrobe. So, if you are thinking of buying that cutsy sweater with the pup motif, think again? For there is a good chance you’d walk into many more fashionistas wearing it as well.

But, that’s where we come it, as we bring you Animal Motifs in real jewellery. So, get creative and be a step ahead. While everyone else will shuttle from sweaters to t-shirts, you can flaunt your animal motifs in jewellery. Talk about being the first in fashion, huh?

The mood for summer spring takes root in all things nature, and this trend is no different. Already a hot-selling collection, click here to grab yours!

SS18': Welcome to the Fashion Jungle #Newlaunch
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SS18': Welcome to the Fashion Jungle #Newlaunch
SS18': Welcome to the Fashion Jungle #Newlaunch
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