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A show that every millennial and Gen X must be bingeing on these days! The Bold Type brings a lot to relate to and even more to get inspired from! Let’s check out what we can take from these sassy ladies and their style quotient. (Cheer up, no spoilers ahead!)  😉


Initially, it may have that I-think-I’ve-seen-this-before prologue. With 20-something girls living their lives in high town Manhattan, with open talks about sex, careers, and love. Ah! lemme see, “Sex and the City, Girls, and Gossip Girl!” Well, it’s nothing like any of that old chestnut. These millennial women of The Bold Type prefer paying their rent than thrift spending on Miami, Manolos, and men. These women are much more than carnal escapades and don’t shy away from talking politics, climate change, and open gender revolution!

The Bold Type
Photo Credits: Instagram @Tbt_scarlet

Yes, along with their gritty attitude, we know you love almost every other fearless look these ladies come up with. Choosing from that rich “fashion closet” looks to choose from, we have an idea that will streamline your search for “That TBT fashion high”. 

The idea is to know which TBT character’s personality resonates with yours! Let’s check out which sassy Scarlet chick are you?

1. The Feminine Type – Jane

Jane’s character literally grows with each season. That first-day-at-work nervousness to building a ladder, stair by stair towards boss-hood – Jane’s fashion grows with her! All the while keeping that feminine vibe alive. Dating, womanhood, and finding a bridge between professional and personal, this character depicts that in-depth thinking trait. Jane likes everything organised and set just like “the writers”/ and knows how to find her way through.

Is that youthful vibe, professional take, and verily displaying that feminine energy your style? Oh-so-Jane!

Go for those ruffles, and laces coupled with strong silhouettes. For that everyday, effortless Jane style, style your outfit with trendy fine jewellery. Check out the Lacy Light collection.

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Jane’s Photo Credits: IG @Tbt_Scarlet)

Also, check out the femme dominated power trend that can be your personal-professional bridge – the Bohemian-inspired workwear – The Boho Chic Collection.

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Jane’s Photo Credits: Elle)


2. The Bold N Vocal Type – Kat

With that exploring kind character, Kat is the go-to fashion muse for any and every 20 something! From exploring her sexuality to finding her calling, to standing up against online abuse, Kat explores her life with that fighting spirit. If Kat’s sometimes bohemian-military, sometimes risque, but mostly gender-fluid dressing resonates with yours, there you go! You are free-spirited as Kat, and always dress to be vocal. There’s a tinge of activism in everything you do.

Are you also that young firebrand who is ever-ready for change and free speech? Hi, Kat!

Go for the casual-chic style underscored by threads of Activism and literally make a fashion statement. With this being said, why just the outfits, be that crusade o’ change with the promise of gold! Check out the Activism collection.

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Kat’s Photo Credits: IG @Theboldtype)

Fighting spirit demands tricks, tactics and timing too. Kat’s camouflage looks exhibit it THE BEST! Check out the Camouflage collection here.

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Kat’s Photo Credits: Pop Sugar)

3. The Ever-ready Type – Sutton

Where Jane’s character grows professionally, Sutton grows professionally and personally too. Where Jane believes in finding ways to combine her personal life to give her profession a nudge, Sutton goes the other way. She keeps both the parties in different towns. When she is at work, who knows what her life outside looks like?  Sutton is that small town chick who paves her way through “desks and sweat” to become the queen of THE fashion closet. Her innate fashion flair is her sword. Be it a dull day at work, an office party, casual lunch at home, or an impromptu bar breaking – who’s dressed the best? Sutton it is!

If your eyes shine on being called that trend-obsessed and high fashion girl, you are so Sutton!

Go for the outfits that grab attention on collars and sleeves! Add that hint of gold to it with the Vintage Collar Collection we bring for you here!

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Sutton’s Photo Credits:

Sutton is that girl who thrives on minimalism. With just an accessory here and a tweak there, you’re Sutton-ready to slay! And what can be a better example of classic, chic and minimal, than diamonds? Explore through this abundance of classic diamond jewellery, just right for you!

Check out our fine gold jewellery with solitaires here!

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Sutton’s Photo Credits: Static.wikia)

4. The Boss Lady Type – Jacqueline

Here’s to the ‘Miranda Priestly alt ego’ our ever-motivating Jacqueline Carlyle with a smile! This sassy editor-in-chief is a leader when it comes to fashion too! She is always dressed to impress. Jacqueline Carlyle is the language of power dressing.

If this ambitious, power woman vibe is what makes your toes tingle – Hello, Jacquie! 😉

Go for the powerful boss babe suits and blazers, with that pride of gold and bling of diamond. The Sharp Suited Collection is for you!

The Bold Type Jacqueline
(Jacqueline’s Photo Credits:

If you are that diva mom who dazzles even with a minimal amount of chic, these trendy bangles are – JUST FOR YOU! You can even stack your bangles/banglets, and slay like Jacqueline. Explore a diverse range of gold bangles here!

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Jacqueline’s Photo Credits:


5. Free N Feminine – Adena

Jane, Kat, and Sutton are always dressed to 9, but is it just them or…? With that artistic freedom and a gentle streak of action, Adena is the hot-n-cold cocktail. Pairing her casual and chic outfits with big hoops and a gaudy necklace, she presents the oriental meets contemporary like a queen.

If art is your language, and you revel in artistic adventures, aren’t you that freedom-lover and silent activist like Adena?

Explore all the chic, and trendy hoop earrings that we bring for you, all new every week – in gold!

Fashion Muse The Bold Type
(Adena’s photo credits: IG @Tbt_scarlet)

6. Reserved N Bold – Ava

Well, apart from these must-follow fashion queens, we have an interesting emerging candidate too! Why not take a dip into her closet and see what we get? Ava is reserved, professional, but bold and outspoken when the time is apt. Even when she is quiet, her stance says it all. And so do her outfits, in terms of fashion! Does that sound like you? If yes, do check out the Art Deco collection we have – Just for your type of BOLD!

If you are also a cocktail of bold and reserved, you’re so Ava cute!

Explore the Art Deco collection here:

Ava Fashion muse
(Ava’s Photo Credits: TV Fanatic)


These ladies and their looks inspire us to go bold, also adding a hint of gold to it. Here’s to that bold type Unicorn Dreamtini. Melorra is your jewellery fashion closet, where you get all things trendy and fresh off the ramps!

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Summer Fashion Muse - The Bold Type #Styling
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Summer Fashion Muse - The Bold Type #Styling
A millennial must-watch - The Bold Type brings a lot to relate. Check out which of these sassy ladies is your fashion animal?
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