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It’s Not Too Late To Buy Your Valentine Gift! #melorra

The Valentine’s week has begun and we’re quite excited! And we’re hoping you are ready to gift that perfect piece too. But, if not, don’t worry! Because we’re saying it’s not too late. With our selection of Quick Ship gold trinkets! Now with the D-day a week away, the Real urgency for that perfect gift has begun. You’re probably checking out your back up plans of gift vouchers and ‘love coupons’ that you told ourselves you wouldn’t need. And now’s the time when you’re open to suggestions and ready to take a trial run (with your fingers crossed). However, we’re of the opinion that it’s STILL not too late to find a perfect gift. Every woman has a special place for her accessories (also quite close to her heart) especially when it comes to fine ornaments. So why not go for gold this season? With our focus on making your…