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Master The Fall Fashion Trend: Neon #newcollection

Fashion has gotten brighter, a lot brighter! YES, It’s loud, bright and totally out there! Neon fashion trend is everywhere and it’s about time you jump on this fashion bandwagon too! This outrageously vibrant trend has become so popular that it is already making a comeback at the Spring/Summer 2019 ramps and runways. Autumn/Winter 2018-19 facilitated the resurrection of this rather retro trend. The Glow of the Neon A trickle down from the pop art trend that was inspired by the works of Andy Warhol, Neon has been perpetually omnipresent through the decades. As part of the collective cultural consciousness, Neon represents positivity and vibrancy. Good news is, unlike the yesteryears, Neon now is more wearable, feminine and toned down in its effect! The options available to include it into your wardrobe are many. From the regular hoodies and jeans to mixing it up with neutral shades! Just club hints of…