Master The Fall Fashion Trend: Neon #newcollection

Fashion has gotten brighter, a lot brighter! YES, It’s loud, bright and totally out there! Neon fashion trend is everywhere and it’s about time you jump on this fashion bandwagon too!

This outrageously vibrant trend has become so popular that it is already making a comeback at the Spring/Summer 2019 ramps and runways. Autumn/Winter 2018-19 facilitated the resurrection of this rather retro trend.

The Glow of the Neon

A trickle down from the pop art trend that was inspired by the works of Andy Warhol, Neon has been perpetually omnipresent through the decades. As part of the collective cultural consciousness, Neon represents positivity and vibrancy.

Good news is, unlike the yesteryears, Neon now is more wearable, feminine and toned down in its effect! The options available to include it into your wardrobe are many. From the regular hoodies and jeans to mixing it up with neutral shades! Just club hints of neon shades with your everyday outfit and you’d be good to go!

Instagram @saraalikhan95

Divas and their Neon Dive-ins

Neon truly started headlining when Kim Kardashian stepped out in a series of bright-hued neon-inspired dresses. For those, who find her choices risque, there was also Blake Lively ruling the red carpet at the premiere of her recent movie in a bright-green Neon suit-pant.

Instagram @Vittoceretti wearing @prada

Many have stepped out in support of this trend by donning Neon on their own. Not just the global fashion divas, back in the Indian fashion turf, young fashionistas like Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor are going around town flaunting Neon trend with super sass. Fashion industry leaders too, have embraced this trend in all its alluring glory. The likes of Prada, Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham marked their approval with an all-out Neon Autumn/ Winter 2018-19 show. (Read: Trend Alert)

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The Neon-Gold Fixation

For the ones, who prefer a more mellow pace of fashion but at the same time don’t want to miss out on the latest trends, our Fluo Neon Collection is tailor-made for you. Striking the right balance between subtle and loud, the enamel and gold jewellery collection is a true representation of the Neon trend. So, pick your favourite Neon jewellery from our catalogue and be ready to add a bit of quirk and sass into your everyday outfit. You can’t go wrong with it, we promise!

New Collection gold jewellery enamel jewellery

Click here to take a look at all the jewellery options from our latest Autumn/ Winter 2018-19 The Fluo Neon Collection

Master The Fall Fashion Trend: Neon #newcollection
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Master The Fall Fashion Trend: Neon #newcollection
Master The Fall Fashion Trend: Neon #newcollection
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