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SS’18: White Suiting – Fashion Stands in Solidarity! #trendalert

               The Future Is Female – and White Suiting is Here to Prove it! Fashion has always documented change in the society! And, with such a massive undercurrent of change declared by recent campaigns, such as – #metoo, #timessup #wearwhitetovote, the fashion fraternity has taken notice and how! The result is evident in every fashion show, and every celebrity’s red carpet look! This power trend is – White Suiting – a solid representation of this year’s most significant macro trend – Power Woman. Endorsed by the Best! When we say, ‘white suiting’ is everywhere and in everyone’s wardrobe – we mean it, proof? International designers, the likes of Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Marchesa and many of similar fashion stature made sure to endorse this trend prominently in their Summer/Spring 2018 line. Now, aren’t these proof enough? Hillary Clinton speaks at her primary night victory…

My First Gold Story – 5 Real Women, 5 Real Stories!

My First gold after my first trip! In my late teens, I went through a lull – in love, life and work! Everything was getting boring, and nothing excited me. So, I decided to try an adventure to stir things up, to do something I had never done before. The options I was given were many – get a new car, move to a new city, start a side business, try a new drink, a new high, but Nah…. Nothing rang a bell. Till my sister suggested, I take a holiday – solo trip! Being a social person, the idea scared me, so I instantly decided to go for it. Trust me, it was the most exhilarating, life-altering experience ever. I came back as a reformed person. I had a new lease on life, and I documented this new-me with my first-ever gold buy – a sparkly white gold and…