The Gifts You Get Vs. The Gifts You Want! #Valentine

Maybe he doesn’t remember what your favourite colour is, or your first date night… But should your S-O know everything or just the Right things? While we all have expectations with our better half, whether it is about a date or a surprise gift, sometimes the reality proves to be a tad bit different. Doesn’t it?

As Valentine’s Day countdown is on its way, the clash of the genders is about to begin again! While the boyfriends still haven’t finalized the gift or surprise, the girl is definitely waiting for something that was going to be this year’s headline. After all, you promised! The tensions are running high and bits of advice are coming left, right and centre.

While your girl is all set with her gift for you and can’t wipe the excitement from her expressions, you’re still at the crossroads. You know she went out of the way and searched a gift that just screams you, she also expects the same from you! And that Gentlemen, is the dilemma of this occasion. However, before we dive into the foolproof gift ideas, we went out and did a couples’ survey. With the wackiest of reality checks, we asked couples to share their funny Valentine stories and the expectations that did work out so well:

Take Out Vs. Dinner Plans


Netflix Vs. Movie Date


Bath Sets Vs. Golden Hearts

Hearing those endless stories of love, laughter and even some disappointments, we felt inspired. Creating a foolproof plan for this year’s Valentine gifting, we present the Trendy Hearts Collection for that perfect gift! With fine jewellery that doesn’t make a hole in your pocket, pick up a design that suits your uber fashionable lady love. And we’re sure you’ll be winning some brownie points in this season of love!

gold jewellery gold danglers
Love At First Sight Gold Danglers
gold jewellery
Scroll of Hearts Gold Ring
diamond jewellery
So Saccharine! Diamond Necklace

While you flip through her favourite sites in search of bookmarks, we also suggest looking through our latest collection! Made from gold, diamond, enamel and gemstone, this jewellery selection is as unique and trendy as your other half. Incorporating the latest fashion trends in combination with easy-to-wear and lightweight jewellery, we’re sure that this Valentine, will be the best of them all! 

So go on and earn some words of praise and a whole lotta love this year!

Check out our Valentine’s Trendy Hearts Collection here!

The Gifts You Get Vs. The Gifts You Want! #Valentine
Article Name
The Gifts You Get Vs. The Gifts You Want! #Valentine
The Gifts You Get Vs. The Gifts You Want! #Valentine
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