10 Jewellery Pieces for the Power Women – Workwear Edit

It’s the year of the Power Woman! With Girl Power raging around the world, women are taking over – quite literally. Showing off her bold, confident and sophisticated style, she’s all about getting the work done.

Schedules have changed and so has the lifestyle. Juggling work, family, me time and chores, there’s surely a lot to achieve in a day. That too in the right attire, of course. Picking out the right attire and the accessories to go with it has always been a task. Especially when you’re running late for work and have 5 minutes to spare. There’s only so much you can do. So there’s no time to shy away ladies, but all the more to show off!

Picking up ensembles apt for that work meeting to that office brunch plan and that dinner date, there’s an outfit for all your weekday needs and accessories too. Picking out the cherry-on-top additions for your work days, we’ve assembled some options that will totally work for all your Monday to Friday moods. Here’s what we have for you:

For Your Blazer Days

With those formal meetings scheduled for the day, a blazer is the go-to jacket of the day. So while you’re going formal with your ensemble add on a pair of subtle earrings and a necklace that goes with your round neck top. Sleek and chic is the mantra to go for.

The Polygon Ruse Danglers, Love Triangle Banglet, FourC Necklace

For Those Team Lunches

Whether it’s a formal dress or that pantsuit that you’ve picked out, all you need is a bracelet or a bangle to go. If you’d rather keep your hands free, pick up a chic pair of enamel studs that add some colour to all your neutral attire. With white being the Power colour, go with it!

Soft Trapazoid Bangle, The Unbox Code Studs, Back on Track Bangle

The Floral Print Combo

Show off your feminine side with one of those printed tops that bring out your colourful side. Add on a pair of enamel studs or pendant or go for a pair of subtle diamonds earrings that’ll add on some bling to your pairings.

Bertyl Bloom Studs, Fruity Fission Pendant, Paisley Petals Danglers

For Your Love of Pastels!

We all have a couple of pastels that we love to pair up. Whether it’s a formal shirt or a tee that you like, there’s something we all have in our closets. So pick those out and pair them up with a stylish necklace and flaunt your sophisticated side!

gold jewellery
Knot Trot Necklace, Tales of Bow Ring, The Tropical Trivia Necklace

For Those Polka Dots!

Whoever said polka dots are too much, didn’t own one. With this upcoming trend of Spring Summer 2019, polka dots is all everyone is talking about! So don’t feel shy about wearing a print at work, but go full throttle! Just add on some classy gold jewellery studs or rings to go with it and you’re ready to win the day!

gold jewellery
Tube Play Ring, Flaunt the Fringe Earrings, Patterns Gone Cray Ring

Go Print on Print

When multi-print is on the table, why not experiment? Be bold and pick out that scarf or multi-print you’ve been saving for ‘someday’ and flaunt it with all your confidence. Add on a dangler or even a sleek pendant to that outfit and you’ll be ready to rule the day.

gold earrings
Pied Viper Danglers, Scroll of Hearts Pendant, Lily Trilogy Studs

The Poised Skirt Day

Pick out that poised skirt whether a plain black or a printed one and pair it up with a black shirt to create a monochrome ensemble. After all the print all you need to add is some bling and nothing says so than gold! Add on a gold ring or a necklace that will tie your ensemble together.

gold jewellery
Fluff the Ruff Ring, Chill Frill Necklace, Chic Streak Hoops

Just Stripe It!

Well, stripes never really go out of style, is it? So why not pick up this classic trend and add on a little twist? Pick a striped shirt or trouser and flaunt your power side with one of your neutral shirts. Add on a trendy bracelet or a stack of rings to this uber-cool ensemble and you’ll be ready for every impromptu plan of the day!

gold bracelets
Spot the Dot Bracelet, Swerve Curve Ring, The Tropical Trivia Bracelet

The Dungaree Day

While Fridays are casual, they’re also open for experiments! So pick out a dungaree-shirt combination that’s not just stylish but also confident. Stand out of the crowd with this pairing option and add on some colourful gemstones to bring out the colours and the fun Friday side of you.

gemstone jewellery
Wild Blue Yonder Danglers, Wild Blue Yonder Ring, Hello Cakesicles Necklace

The White Shirt

Go with the classic white to subdue those Monday blues. nothing goes wrong with a black and white pairing that shows off your power chic look. Add on colourful enamel jewellery to go with it to add a splash of colour to a sleek combo and let heads turn your way!

Enamel gold jewellery
Lime N Lemon Danglers, Neon Dab Fashion Chain, Seal the Teal Danglers

So don’t stop yourself from experimenting with colours, prints and gemstones that will add shine to your ensembles. Whether it is a pop of colour to your whites or an extension of your printed tees, add on fine jewellery like never before. We at Melorra, make sure that your ensemble is complete with trendy fine jewellery that ties your ensemble gracefully. 

Check out our entire collection here!


10 Jewellery Pieces for the Power Women - Workwear Edit
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10 Jewellery Pieces for the Power Women - Workwear Edit
10 Jewellery Pieces for the Power Women - Workwear Edit
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