The #Unbreakable Women by Melorra! #Womensday

As Women’s Day dawns on us this year, we’re all about the Power Woman! Defying stereotypes and creating a space for themselves – These are the Unbreakable Women by Melorra!

While women have been the centre of attention this year whether it was from a political view or a fashion one – One thing was clear. Wonder Woman is Really a state of mind after all. With the focus on women empowerment, fashion has been all about the power woman who lives her life the way she wants. Breaking norms and doing what she feels right – It’s the era of women! And while you are still trying to figure your way out, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t find the way. 

Picking up some of these women, we’re talking about the Unbreakable Women, this women’s day. With life-altering stories and sharing their secret of not giving up, here’s what they are telling us about themselves!

Sahar Mansoor – Environmental Scientist & Founder of Bare Necessities and the Zero Waste Management Movement in India

‘They told me with all my learning disabilities, I wouldn’t be an academic success. They told me with my single Mom, I would never be able to afford an education at Cambridge. They told me without my Father’s money, I could never start my own business. I Proved Them All Wrong.”

Protima Tiwari – Fitness Junkie and Content Creator

‘Constant body pain discouraged me from working out. Trolls affected me so much that I stopped posting anything on social media. For weeks, I couldn’t be my normal self. It wasn’t family or society stopping me…I was the one stopping myself! Then came a point of self-realization, “How dare I let self-doubt and negative energy engulf me?
As often as I tell my followers to work hard and grind at the gym, I also tell them to focus on gratitude, self-love, and mental detoxes. That’s what led me to block troll notification and turn my passion into a thriving business.’

Punya Arora – Comedian


‘As a comedian, you are vulnerable on stage constantly, in front of a lot of people. The feedback is instant, unlike any other job. If a joke works, the audience laughs. If it doesn’t, there is complete silence. There are not many women in this industry and therefore, it becomes all the more challenging to make a space for yourself. But with my mom being on my side and my ability to find humour when things aren’t going my way has helped me defy all odds. The journey has not been an easy one, but has it been worth it? Completely. Now I have my solo one-hour show and it gives me utmost pride to break the age-old adage that ‘women aren’t funny’. ‘

Inspiring us with their stories, these women are surely out to make their mark on the world. And nothing can stop them too! So, when there are women like them ready to break the glass ceiling, why shouldn’t we? 

A Very Happy Women’s Day from Melorra!

The #Unbreakable Women by Melorra! #Womensday
Article Name
The #Unbreakable Women by Melorra! #Womensday
The #Unbreakable Women by Melorra! #Womensday
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