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How often do you get fascinated with myths? Do you wonder if there is truth in the stories you grew up with? Well, there is always a possibility even in the impossible. Isn’t it? 

Stories about Mermaids have been whispered since time immemorial, and when the seas have so much yet to be discovered, we no doubt have a fascination for deep secrets and the unexplored. Melorra’s Mermaid Collection is inspired by the ocean’s secrets that you can flaunt wherever you go! 

Mermaids on the Runway: Designer’s Exhibit  

In the Runways, mermaids have always been a favourite ever since the 19th century when narrower silhouettes became more popular than heavy gowns. This spring-summer, there was a plethora of mermaid-inspired outfits on display – Chanel experimented with the dresses, mostly the bottom fabric, creating patterns; Alberta Ferretti with aquatic colours; and Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s bolder take on experimentation with fishnets. Street styles sported this trend while experimenting more with colours and hemlines. 

Fashion from your favourite Celebs

The classic was adorned by celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Deepika Padukone, Janhvi Kapoor, Nora and others, who were seen adorning the always loved classic and had a show-stopping effect. Hollywood’s favourites like Olivia Rodrigo, Marsai Martin, and Kerry Washington were also spotted wearing mermaid-inspired gowns. 

The Mermaid-Inspired Collection for your day-to-day look 

Melorra brings to you The Mermaid Collection in fashion, which has been a classic and an all-time favourite. While dresses were mainly a favourite pick to wear at a red-carpet event or a cocktail event, times now call for a more accepting outlook where long dresses can have a casual appeal. 

This season is all about the essence of the deep seas, brought to the forefront with the use of aquatic motifs, more so- the mermaids as a muse. The use of fins, tails, scales and marine flora are all assembled in our jewellery collection, which is nothing but magnificent, sophisticated, and posh- all in gold and diamonds. 

We have an exciting range of lightweight jewellery for your everyday accessory needs. Pair the pieces with your casual or work outfits—the collection embraces the latest global fashion trends while you are prepped to turn heads. 

This season’s gold and diamond collection adds glamour, glitz, and sophistication to your daily look. 

Here are our few favourite picks

Try to lure others with the Temptation Gold Bracelet, which is adorned with multiple fin motifs and wraps around the wrist. 

Temptation Gold Bracelet

The Ocean Dream Gold Pendant is a must-have. With an untamed wave-like design, it is a piece that stands out. 

Ocean Dream Gold Pendant

The Aqua Fins Diamond Earring is a versatile piece with fine motifs. 

Aqua Fins Diamond Earrings

Get attention to your perfectly manicured nails, with the Unfurling Wings Gold Ring with fin motifs wrapped on your fingers.

Unfurling Fins Gold Ring

The Sun Tail Mermaid Gold Bangle has butterfly designs formed at the centre, it’s time you spread your wings! 

Sun Tail Mermaid Gold Bangle

If you are looking to blend with the trend, keep it casual, and yet ready to experience a show-stopping effect, the mermaid collection is something that would be a lovely addition to your collection.  

Melorra’s latest jewellery collection hopes to inspire you to thrive and beat all odds. So, step up, wearing a piece of the ocean, and add that bit of mystery for them to wonder about. 

You can also check out our other collections here. Don’t forget to tell us which speaks to you and the one you have set your heart to. Keep being stylish wherever you go! 

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