Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019! #wishlist

It’s a New Year with a New You! Like every year-end, there are resolutions made and toxic things left behind, it’s the beginning of all things new. So why shouldn’t resolutions be a checklist? Or maybe just a wishlist? *wink*

It’s time for the new Pick of the Week! And we’re highlighting the big ones that took over our 2018 and also, ready to rock through the 2019

With the new year, we’re rounding up our top sellers to highlight 2018 and share our moment in the Sun! In a combination of fashion trends, the celebratory mood and the contemporary look, we at Melorra, were definitely cheering for all the fashionistas out there. From subtle gold tones to gemstone, diamond and textured jewellery, 2018 was all about showcasing personality by putting your best foot forward.

Picking out the Top 19 for your fabulous 2019, these were your choices that made us Shine Bright Like a Diamond this season! Check out the bling to add to your closet!

#1. The Crimp & Crease Gold Ring from our Knife Pleats Collection

gold jewellery Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019

#2. The Leaf Crease Gold Bangle for a subtle gold addition to your sundresses!

Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019

#3. The Gold Entwined Pendant for a little geometric fashion

Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019

#4. The Chain Domain Gold Bangle from our AW 18/19 Scarf Print Collection

Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019

#5. The Sparkle Startle Gold Necklace for those brunch plans with your girlfriends

Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019

#6. The Boutonniere Gold Studs from our Flower Bouquet Collection

gold jewellery gold earrings gold stud

#7. The Sync in Sequin Gold Bracelet from our Disco Sequin Collection

Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019

#8. The Groovy Folds Gold Ring for that comfortable bling!

gold jewellery gold ring


#9. The Exaggerated Drama Gold Ring from SS 18/19 Fringe Collection

Top 19 Jewellery Collection of 2019

#10. The Curves of Shimmer Diamond Bracelet from our Fringe Shimmer Collection

diamond bracelet diamond jewellery

#11. The Double Daze diamond Studs for an all day everyday wear!

diamond jewellery diamonds earrings

#12. The Amazing White Diamond Pendant from our White Edge Collection – More Power To You!diamond pendant diamond jewellery

#13. The Tiger Point Gemstone Earrings from our AW 18/19 Animal Print Collection

gemstone jewellery gold danglers

#14. The Trigon Frills Diamond Necklace for those cocktail party ensembles

diamond necklace diamond jewellery

#15. The Lilac Takeover Gold Bracelet from our SS 18/19 Lavender Collection

gold bracelet gold jewellery

#16. The Soft Serve Gemstone Bracelet from our SS 18/19 Gelato Pastels Collection

gemstone jewellery gemstone bracelet

#17. The Dangle Triangle Diamond Bracelet for your work to party Friday plans!

diamond jewellery

#18. The Serge de Nimes Gemstone Ring from the AW 18/19 Denim on Denim Collection

gold jewellery gemstone jewellery

#19. The Lily Trilogy Gold Necklace for that perfect addition to your workwear

gold jewellery

Since now you have the list of your beloved trinkets, its time you add some new ones to your 2019 wishlist! Complete with colour, bling and a lot of love and fashion, we’re brewing something new to keep you on your toes! The excitement is definitely in the air! 

Check out our most popular selection here!


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Top 19 Jewellery of 2019! #melorra #wishlist
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Top 19 Jewellery of 2019! #melorra #wishlist
Top 19 Jewellery of 2019! #melorra #wishlist
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