What’s Your Reason To Gold? #ContestLove

Any Many Reasons

Love jewellery? Wear it every day! Be it for work, parties, or just a casual brunch with friends. Any reason or every reason is cool!

To get to know the ‘any and many’ reasons for our followers to wear jewellery every day, we opened up a cool contest. Via “Any Many Reasons,” we asked them to let the Predictive Text on their phone keypad auto-fill the responses for them! We found some amusing, fun and hilarious responses to why they buy and wear particular gold jewellery. Let’s see how these ‘most often used words on their keypads portray their secrets!! 


#1 These earrings are for Friday night because…


Special Surprise Ahead!!…



Or maybe, for a happy Friday night sleep! 😀


Yay!! Now that’s needed!!!


#2 I wore this bracelet for lunch because…


A little something for yourself… 🙂


#3 These earrings are for Friday night because…


Oh, that random Friday bash!!


For ages, gold and diamonds have been linked to festivities or special occasions. Be it Diwali or Dhanteras, gold is what comes to mind, and in all, it’s fanciful forms.

But something has changed!! And what is that? Our approach! Our Thoughts! Our Way…towards Gold Jewellery. Today, women buy gold to wear it. Their reasons to wear gold jewellery has changed, or let’s say evolved.

Gold has lifted its taboo! It’s no longer occasional or boring!

With this new-age tech-savvy world, our mobiles know us better than the person next to us. Then, why not let our keypads decide what cool and chic reason we have to wear gold jewellery every day?! Whether it is an impromptu party or a casual date night, these small and casual moments define us more than just some “special” occasion. 

Do we need some reason or a party of an event to look beautiful? Why not be the best of our game in the best of our outlook, with the casual, chic and affordable gold jewellery, EVERY DAY!?

Hey, so, what’s your excuse today?

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