10 Bracelets That Are Super Cool Gifts!

Gifting can be stressful. And, when you are a brother looking to buy that perfect gift for your uber fashionable sister, it can get even worse. But, don’t worry. We are here to the rescue!

All the brothers out there, take note! Presenting the perfect gift. Scroll down for a list of trendy, fashion-forward and affordable (yes!) gold and diamond bracelets that you can bag for your fashionable sister. You can’t go wrong with this, we promise!

#1 The So Pure Bracelet with diamonds and white enamel detailing.

#2 The Forget Me Not Bracelet with two cable chains and white sapphire at the centre.

#3 The Pink Panther Gemstones bracelet, for sisters who love the colour ‘pink’!

#4 The Flamboyant Florals Gold Bracelet with enamel detailing.

 #5 The Taffeta Bracelet with two satin finish floral motifs at the centre.

#6 The Spangle Triangle Bracelet with diamonds at the centre.

#7 The Endless Summer Bracelet with tropical patterns.

#8 The Wings of Grace Bracelet in white gold with butterfly patterns, floral motifs and diamonds.

#9 The Golden Starflower Bracelet with floral motifs.

# 10 The Tutti Frutti Sorbet Bracelet with pastel-coloured gemstones.

Why Gift Melorra Jewellery To Your Sister?

  • Melorra jewellery is stylish – because all these designs are inspired by global fashion trends.
  • Perfect for everyday use, your sister will get to flaunt and enjoy your gift, every day!
  • You can’t go wrong with real gold and diamonds, it’ll always have value.
  • Buying Melorra won’t burn a hole in your pocket, because – Melorra jewellery is affordable.
  • Our jewellery comes with all the international certifications on both gold and diamond, so you don’t have to worry about quality and finish.
  • You’ll get lifetime exchange guarantee and 30 days return policy.


Now that we’ve listed out the pros and top 10 bracelet options for you, pick your favourite!

For more options on gold, diamond and gemstones bracelets, click here.


10 Bracelets That Are Super Cool Gifts!
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10 Bracelets That Are Super Cool Gifts!
10 Bracelets That Are Super Cool Gifts!
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