5 Flexible Bracelets for Daily Use! #StyleTips

5 Flexible Bracelets for Daily Use! #StyleTips

“Bracelets are a way to express your personal style without saying a word.” – Sarah Jessica Parker   If you like western fashion and want to purchase some stylish accessories to go with your favourite clothes, bracelets are one of the greatest options. A trendy bracelet, especially one made of gold, may quickly add a […]

5 Affordable Bracelets for Daily Use! #Buyer’sGuide

Wearing elegant ornaments in your hands is a fun way to look stylish and beautiful. Hand accessories, such as a ring or a gold bracelet for women, can completely upscale your appearance. Bracelets come in various styles, from formal to casual, and are versatile and among the hottest trends today in jewellery. These lovely accessories […]

5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets!

interesting things about bracelets

Ever wondered how a jewellery can save the day when you are short on time and still need to slay? Such an easy piece of jewellery to accessorize is worn around the wrists! The bracelet! Add a hint of precious to it – Gold, diamond, and gemstone bracelets to wear every day! Interesting Facts about […]

10 Bracelets Under Rs. 30,000!

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Gold Bracelets under Rs 30,000? Yes, please! You may have heard of earrings in gold under Rs 30,000 or even pendants. But bracelets? Yes! Not kidding at all, even bracelets under Rs 30,000. Melorra has a range of trendy gold bracelets that you can pair to any and every outfit according to your need. And […]

10 Best Bracelets to Steal this Season!

Earrings or neckpieces may be the popular choice of jewellery for workwear, but the bracelet has its fanbase too! This season check out some workwear friendly bracelets that elevate your ensembles for a fresh change. With WFH lifestyle still going strong, it’s easy to set into a monotonous routine. A little break out of habit […]

10 Bracelets That Are Super Cool Gifts!

Gifting can be stressful. And, when you are a brother looking to buy that perfect gift for your uber fashionable sister, it can get even worse. But, don’t worry. We are here to the rescue! All the brothers out there, take note! Presenting the perfect gift. Scroll down for a list of trendy, fashion-forward and […]