10 Cosmos Designs for the Stargazer! #UniversalTrend

Stars, moon, galaxies. Oh yeah, cosmos inspired jewellery charm us like nothing else! As the moon-face Marilyn Monroe has stated that we all are stars and deserve to twinkle! Why not add a little-yet-literal star, with the twinkle of gold and diamonds? 

Cosmos-inspired jewellery might look like a modern rage – but that’s not factually correct. Celestially inspired jewellery has been à la mode for ages. Wanna know why such pieces are popular besides just having cute and appealing features? Stay on.

Not just any jewellery, trend-inspired jewellery is the one that holds deeper meaning beyond what meets the eyes. On top of it, the ones that stay in trend throughout definitely make the must-have-must-own list! Talking about ever-trendy jewellery, sentimental motifs gained high popularity in the Victorian era. From crescent moons, anchors to birds and even horse-shoes, Victorians were all about connections and symbolism. And, what connects to sentiments as much as these celestial signs of wondrous cosmos! They portray youth, vitality, and a real promise of timelessness like none other. A true stargazer knows it beyond any emotion. 😉

“We are all stars and deserve to twinkle!”

(Marilyn Monroe)

Let’s check out the deeper aspect behind some of the most famed cosmos-inspired jewellery motifs. 

Crescent moon: 

Victorian crescent moon jewellery
Photo Credits: Etsy.com

Widely popular during the Georgian and Victorian era, the slender moons represent the feminine moon goddess. They are believed to speak out loud for female empowerment all the while keeping the calmness of a moon. And with women entering the workforce at the peak of the Industrial era, lunar motif jewellery gained powerful propulsion. The changing lunar phases are a “Universal” signature for embracing change! High five to women empowerment – with crescent moon moulded in fine gold!


Eduardian star jewellery antique
Photo Credits: Lillicoco.com

In various gipsy cultures, it is believed that stars provide guidance to the wearer. So, it’s a great charm if you’re feeling lost in your path. At least, say “Hi” to the positive vibes! Here’s to brighter possibilities!

Star with the moon: 

Crescent moon with star antique brooch
Photo Credits: Rhondon’s Collectables

Hear, hear, romantics! It’s a prevalent belief that if you wear a star that is accompanied by a moon, it’s the celestial language of saying, “I love you to the moon and back.” In the Victorian era, the most happening bridal accessory was a celestial brooch. Moons, stars, flowers, were also present, but THE most romantically featured was ‘star with moon’. And now you know why! 💖 


So, as they say, jewellery has a language of its own. And each speaks a different story to every individual. Come closer. Let’s hear what these chic and trendy yet timeless celestially inspired pieces of jewellery say to you!

#1. Be The Star Gold Finger Ring for the star in you!

With a star you carry on your finger, nothing can stop you from bedazzling the aura around! Check out the many trendy collections here for such starry delights.

Cosmos inspired fine gold jewellery

#2. Comfy Volumes Gold Stud Earring for that Bohemian gipsy you are!

Moon motif has always imparted the knowledge of the flowing time to the vagabonds. This makes it a much-needed pair for that trip-y vibe – in the chicest way possible.

Cosmos inspired fine gold jewellery

#3. Logo Luck Gold Bracelet is a great company for your everyday!

Be it an office day Zoom call presentation, or a cool casual party with friends, this goes with everything. The cosmos-inspired angle gives it a more dreamy look. Or shall we say, Starry vibe? Cosmos inspired fine gold jewellery

#4. Inter Stellar Gold Stud Earrings for that quick starry look!

Zoom call interview in 10 minutes, and you don’t know what would look classy and yet catchy? Go for Inter Stellar Gold Stud Earrings. They are sure to add an extra “star” to your look!

Cosmos inspired fine gold jewellery

#5. Who says bangles can’t be cool and fun? Check out this chic Moon Tide Gold Cuff.

It’ll surely make your day brighter and night disco-moon! Wanna see the trendiest and modern twist to everyday gold bangles? Check this out.

Cosmos inspired fine gold jewellery

#6. Moon Star Diamond Pendant to carry on your heart that starry night with a crescent moon in it.

Stars with the twinkle of diamonds on a polished golden moon – what else do we need? Explore the entire Cosmic Print Collection here.

Crescent Moon fine gold jewellery

#7. Sweet Star O’ Mine Gold Pendant is the perfect way to say those three magical words with a celestial touch to it!

Wanna say “I love you” but in the most conventionally unconventional way? Go for this star twinkling with a crescent moon and propose your love in the Victorian way!

#8. Lucky Star Diamond Nose Pin is here to claim you as the queen of high fashion!

Those who say nose pins aren’t trendy, take a look at this diamond treat on fine gold! Entice and enchant your audience with such an amazing sense o’fashion combined with our gold and diamond nose pins. Check out the entire Nose Pins Collection here.

Cosmos Inspired Diamond Jewellery

#9. Twinkles Rose Gold Stud Earring to add a rose-y twinkle to your lunch date!

These make the best pair for that random date or lunch plan with friends. Especially for this Spring-Summer vibe, rose gold does immense justice to your look!

Melorra rose gold jewellery

#10. High five to our home, our planet with One Earth Gold Necklace!

Talking about the cosmos, we can’t go without mentioning our home, our beautiful planet Earth. After all, we have no planet B. Make a strong statement of life and conservation – in style, with our Statement Collection here!

Cosmos inspired fine gold jewellery


So, as you’re enamoured by this starry cosmo vibe, check out many such more trendy and chic everyday gold jewellery with many new and inspiring designs here! Who knows, you might get a cool offer on your favourite celestial jewellery!

10 Cosmos Designs for the Stargazer! #ForeverTrendy
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10 Cosmos Designs for the Stargazer! #ForeverTrendy
Cosmos inspired jewellery charm us like nothing else! Add to it, a little star with the twinkle of diamond and moon with the lustre of gold?
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