10 Fab Jewellery Gifts Under 10k #Dhanteras #Diwali

This festive season, whether it’s gold on Dhanteras or gifts for your Diwali shindigs, let the budget not be a worry!

Also, with jewellery designs that are absolutely cool and trendy, we’ve made sure you comply to all the traditions, but with a modern twist! Sounds good, ain’t it?

As festivities reaches its peak, celebrations are on in full swing! With new clothing, shoes, handbags and decor already sorted, its time for some gold and glamour! Sounds like an expensive proposition? Not at all, not anymore, at least! With Melorra jewellery, you can celebrate your Dhanteras and Diwali by bringing home the gold without burning a hole in your pocket.

When we think of gold, ‘affordable’ is not a word that usually comes to our mind. But then again, we at Melorra, don’t exactly do things traditionally now, do we? Breaking the bar of gold jewellery being traditional as well as expensive, our jewellery designs are as modern as your wardrobe and as versatile as you!

And when it comes to gifting, we’ve already considered your dilemma and come up with options that fall under Rs.10,000 slab (phew!). So, get ready to get on the list of ‘Folks With The Best Gifts’ for the year.

So, staying true to that claim, we’ve laid out 10 best-selling gold jewellery picks that are under 10k. Don’t believe us? Just scroll down to look for yourself:

#1. The Bow Wow Pendant for your daughter and nieces!

gold pendants buy gold jewellery online gold necklaces

#2. The Matt Drop Ring for an everyday bling!


#3. The Golden Chevron Pendant to keep the peace with your sisters!

#4. The First Fleurs Ring for your daughter’s first diamonds!

diamond rings diamond jewellery online gold rings

#5. The Puppy Love Studs for those celebrating their first Diwali together!

gold jewellery stud earrings gold studs heart studs buy gold jewellery online

#6. The Teeny Troika Ring for her love for diamonds!buy gold online gold jewellery gold rings diamond rings

#7. The Gangsta Gal Pendant as a reminder for yourself or even your bestie – Gangstas Forever!

gold pendant gold jewellery online buy gold

#8. The Unbox Code Studs that is a combination that suits all – Whether it’s your aunt or your mom!

gold studs gold stud earrings white enamel earrings buy gold jewellery online

#9. The Floral Curl Pendant for a little colour in her gold jewellery!

gold pendant enamel jewellery buy gold jewellery online

#10. The Enamoured Enamel Pendant for ‘Your heart is hers’ confessions!

gold pendant enamel jewellery gold necklaces buy gold jewellery online

So whether it’s a gift for yourself or a relative or that best friend who’s stood by you, pick a precious jewellery that fits perfectly in your budget this festive season! 
Check out our entire collection of Gifts Under 10k here! 
Happy Festivities to you!
10 Fab Jewellery Gifts Under 10k #Dhanteras #Diwali
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10 Fab Jewellery Gifts Under 10k #Dhanteras #Diwali
10 Fab Jewellery Gifts Under 10k #Dhanteras #Diwali
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