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10 Fab Jewellery Gifts Under 10k #Dhanteras #Diwali

This festive season, whether it’s gold on Dhanteras or gifts for your Diwali shindigs, let the budget not be a worry! Also, with jewellery designs that are absolutely cool and trendy, we’ve made sure you comply to all the traditions, but with a modern twist! Sounds good, ain’t it? As festivities reaches its peak, celebrations are on in full swing! With new clothing, shoes, handbags and decor already sorted, its time for some gold and glamour! Sounds like an expensive proposition? Not at all, not anymore, at least! With Melorra jewellery, you can celebrate your Dhanteras and Diwali by bringing home the gold without burning a hole in your pocket. When we think of gold, ‘affordable’ is not a word that usually comes to our mind. But then again, we at Melorra, don’t exactly do things traditionally now, do we? Breaking the bar of gold jewellery being traditional as well…

Go Big on Gold This Festive Season #Newdesigns #fridayrefresh

The festivities are in the air, and we are all set and stocked with jewellery designs that are uber fashionable and perfect for every occasion. As part of our weekly Friday launch, here’s presenting our latest additions to our gold jewellery collections – decked in enamel, diamonds and gemstones. There is something in it for every fashionista out there. Don’t believe us, take a sneak peek! So, what are you waiting for? Go on and explore our entire range of jewellery. We’ve lined up five new jewellery collection – in gold, diamonds, gemstones and enamel. With the start of the festive season, a time that’ll be filled with shopping & gifting, we have tailored exclusive jewellery pieces and offers, just for you! Go splurge! Check here to click the collection!

5 Jewellery Collections for a Fab Festive Season #newlaunches

Drumrolls please*** The festive season has arrived! The time to pull all the stops for fashion, fun and festivities is here. So, buckle up for a season of shopping, sassiness and guilt-free splurges! We are all stocked and ready with 5 festive, super affordable and uber fashionable collections! Perfect for the festive occasions, there’s something in it for every fashionista, we promise! The Making of the Fab Five Back in our design studio, we’ve had a rather exciting three months of fashion forecasting, trend reading and jewellery designing. Incorporating everything that is relevant to the current Autumn Winter 2018-19 and sizzling hot on the trend charts, our designers have churned out a fabulous range of festive yet fashionable jewellery pieces for you. These gold and diamond jewellery pieces will keep you on top of your fashion game at every party, every time! The process of creating these collections and the designs…