10 Last-Minute Accessory Ideas!

Last-minute jitters are real, especially when it comes to your outfit. Who likes to be in the middle of a fashion fail? But, with the right styling tips, even the gloomiest of fashion troubles can be solved instantly. So here’s our secret to making last-minute add ons a successful style statement. Accessories!

The right piece of jewellery can make any look into the most fashionable statement. And gold jewellery might just add that polished sophistique. So opt for the right jewellery look this season, and maybe browse from Melorra’s selection of trendy gold jewellery for some inspo? Don’t worry; our shipping is so fast, you’ll have your gold accessories in time to sort out all your last-minute troubles.

Here are ten last-minute accessory ideas

#1 Trimmed Reverie Drops
drops for last minute
Trimmed Reverie Drops
#2 Down the Rabbit Hole Ring
Last minute ring
Down the Rabbit Hole Ring
#3 Golden Rain Bracelet
Bracelet for last minute
Golden Rain Bracelet
#4 Rose All Over Bracelet
end moment styling Bracelet
Rose All Over Bracelet
#5 Mod Monochrome Diamond Necklace
necklace for end moment
Mod Monochrome Diamond Necklace
#6 Staple Adepts Diamond Bangle
end moment bangle
Staple Adepts Diamond Bangle
#7 Work Zest Diamond Ring
ring for final touches
Work Zest Diamond Ring
#8 Volume Versions Bracelet
Volume Versions Bracelet
#9 Soaring Spheres Necklace
Soaring Spheres Necklace
#10 Wings of Puff Hoops
Wings of Puff Hoops


10 Last-Minute Accessory Ideas!
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10 Last-Minute Accessory Ideas!
Ten last minute accessory ideas to create looks that are a style statement! Find jewellery that ships right in time to save your look!
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