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10 Styles for Your Daughter to Get Quick!

It’s almost here! Daughter’s day is just around the corner, and it’s time for a celebration! A celebration of uniqueness! A celebration of your #OneOfAKind Daughter! She’s smart, intelligent, sweet, curious and full of awesomeness. So it’s the perfect opportunity to let her know that she’s your #OneOfAKind girl with a special treat on this special day. Gift her initials in gold this Daughter’s Day and make it a one of a kind celebration! And the Alphabet Collection is just about the right collection for that! All the As and Bs to the Cs and Ds in designs that your daughter will adore! And if you think you’re too late to hop onto the daughter’s day train, well think again! Because Melorra’s quickship has you covered! Get your unique gifts shipped in 24 hours and reach right on time for the fiesta you’ve planned for your daughter! You read that…

7 Rakhi Gifts Ready to Ship! #WithLoveMelorra

The day where all sisters anticipate little appreciation is here. This Rakhi, surprise her with something more than just chocolates – something she’ll love every day. Something gold, just like your bond! Siblings’ bond is one that is rich with nostalgia. Fighting over the simplest of things like TV remote to comforting the other when one has had a bad day – siblings are definitely the best company one can think of! Sometimes, just troubling each other for fun. Or covering for the other and then getting our work done by blackmailing about telling parents about the other’s deeds. Well, the freakiest frenemy is always a sibling! While this bond has always had its share of laughs and tears, one thing that stays is that beautiful pain of memories. Smiled, right? 😉 So, why not celebrate this (without a debate) best relationship, with something precious? This Rakhi, thank your…

10 Gold Jewellery ready to gift! #Quickship

Diwali is here! …but you forgot to buy gifts and it’s THE day already. Don’t worry! Because we say it’s never too late to gift. Wanna quick-glance through 10  Quick Ship gold jewellery? The festival of lights aaandd gifts!! Oh, but juggling amid the chaos of working from home, and family, you forgot to buy gifts for your loved ones. We get it! And the Real urgency for that perfect gift has begun. You’re probably checking out your back up plans of gift vouchers and ‘festive coupons’ that you told ourselves you wouldn’t need. And now’s also the time when you’re open to suggestions and ready to take a trial run 🤞. However, we’re of the opinion that it’s STILL not too late to find “that Perrrfect Gift!”. But why worry, when we have something you’d just love! ‘Ready-to-gift’ gifts, all in GOLD!! Yay! As women, we love jewellery. To…