10 Looks to Try this Festive Month!

It’s almost the festive month! And that means it’s almost time to put your best-dressed foot forward for a best dressed festive month. And with the lockdown simmering down a little bit, perhaps we also have a chance to celebrate outside our homes as well. So buckle up for a season of fashion and festivities […]

What They Say & What We Hear: Traditional vs. Millennial

Whether it’s about the way we shop or about our style preference, there’s literally a whole lot of a difference between what elders say and how we millennials see it. But when it comes to gold jewellery, where our elders tell us about investing in it, we millennials are definitely looking in the other direction! […]

Time to Shine Bright Like a Diamond #affordable #dailydiamonds

Unbreakable. Untamed. Sounds familiar? It’s not just you that we’re talking about, it’s also about your best friend – Yes, Diamonds! Festivities are in full swing and there’s not a day (a meal in some cases) that goes by without indulging your sweet tooth! When new clothes, shoes and even the sweet-savoury tasting becomes a […]