12 Jewellery From Our Drool List: Top Designer Picks #Melorra


Everyone has a favourite accessory! Whether it is a charm bracelet, gold earrings or a choker. Our top designer, Deepshikha Gupta, is all set with her list of favourites that you must get your hands on for this season’s fashion feasts!

With the year-end shenanigans about to start in full swing, we, at Melorra, have also amped up our design collection to fulfil all your fashion needs. With 6+ designs pouring in every day, our designers are zealously experimenting with fashion trends, colours and 3D effects (Read: Flower Bouquet collection) to give you something out of the box! Now isn’t that something?

Alongside our love for all things contemporary, our trend inspired collections led us to some diverse styles. The Autumn Winter 2018-19 has brought us 6 collections in pure gold and diamond jewellery with multiple showstopper pieces! In a battle to pick the best of them, we decided to go with our top designer’s choices.

Gathering the list as written by Deepshikha Gupta, we have compiled ‘The Chosen Ones’ together from our 6 Autumn Winter collections to give you the best of them all and make it an easy pick for you! Whether it is a day outing with your gal-pals or attending that Christmas party, you’ll find something that is as trendy as your ensemble choice. We’re Sure.

With the remaining five weeks of the year (we’re close!!), let’s not lose a moment to flaunt our style, shall we? Check out the highlights!


#1. The Sequin Sequel Gold Danglers which can easily complement a work day dressing to an evening sequin outfit

Gold Earrings Gold Jewellery
Sequin Sequel Gold Danglers

#2. The Dangle Triangle Diamond Bracelet for a little bling addition to a date night! 

Diamond Jewellery buy diamonds jewellery online
Dangle Triangle Diamond Bracelet

#3. The Sage De Corsage Gold Studs for those pretty summer dresses or a little eye-catchy colour for your neutrals!

Gold Jewellery Melorra.com
Saga De Corsage Gold Studs

#4. The Calm Palm Gold Necklace for those Friday night additions!

Gold jewellery Buy gold necklace online
The Calm Palm Necklace

#5. The Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Ring that is apt for any casual outing or even a night of pub-hopping

Gold Jewellery Gemstone jewellery
Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Ring

#6. The Groovy Folds Gold Danglers for those fun night outs with your peeps

Gold Jewellery buy gold online
Groovy Folds Gold Danglers

#7. La Flor Enamel Bracelet from our Flower Bouquet collection for a feminine touch to even those strict formals!

Gold Jewellery Enamel Jewellery
La Flor Enamel Bracelet

With sudden panic to cover our old resolutions and listing down things for the new one, it’s the time for a year-end review. And one thing is for sure, we’re definitely including ‘buy (more) gold jewellery’ as a bullet point! As the definition of precious equals expensive starts to falter, we’re making sure, precious jewellery is no longer a dream and instead, equivalent to affordable. That’s a promise.

#8. The Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Danglers for a little sparkle and colour to any evening!

Gemstone Dangler Earrings gemstone jewellery
Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Earrings

#9. The Sparkle Startle Gold Necklace from our Disco Sequin Collection that will become a part of every day and all-day without a glitch!

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Sparkle Startle Gold Necklace

#10. The Greek Guilloche Gold Studs from our Scarf Print Collection for a little vintage yet contemporary feel to even your denim wear. We swear!

buy gold jewellery online buy gold earrings
Greek Guilloche Gold Studs

#11. The Groovy Folds Gold Bangle from our Knife Pleats Collection that isn’t only working on the ramp but also with those winterwear high necks!


Buy gold bangles online buy gold jewellery online
Groovy Folds Gold Bangle

#12. The Sparkling Strands Diamond Danglers that would shine brightly with ANY of your outfits! So if it’s an evening event you’re looking at, pick this diamond earring up with confidence!

Buy diamond earrings online buy diamond jewellery online
Sparkling Strands Diamond Danglers

When an expert is recommending us their best picks, there’s less room for doubt, isn’t it? So pick up a favourite from these collections and sport your style whether it’s for a work meeting or a gals night out!

Check out our 6 Autumn Winter 2018-19 Collections here!
12 Jewellery From Our Drool List: Top Designer Picks #Melorra
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12 Jewellery From Our Drool List: Top Designer Picks #Melorra
12 Jewellery From Our Drool List: Top Designer Picks #Melorra
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