SS ’20: Make it Do or Do Without! #Trendalert

It’s a craft state of mind this Spring Summer 2020! And we’re totally up to experiment with this trend – from clothes to accessories! Taking a route of sustainability, recycling and upcycling became the focus this season, like never before. Add on embroidery or create a patchwork, work with lace or change the game with […]

SS ’20: The Greek Take on Drapes! #NewLaunch

Bring out the Goddess in you this Spring Summer 2020, with drapes and silhouettes like never before! With a new take on drapes, Spring-Summer 2020 added more power to femininity. The question of the season, what if women were our saviours, was resonated across all ramps and runways. Maria Grazia Chiuri deserves special mention for […]

AW 19/20: The Knits in Shining Armour! #FridayRefresh

Winter has set in and with it, our wardrobes are changing massively and so are the ramps! After all the colour pop and OTT things, it’s time for some super-cosy, homely and supersized vibes. Can you guess the trend? Supersized was the call of the runways after all the work and party needs were satisfied. […]

Why So Serious? It’s Just Gold! #UnTradition

Gold jewellery has been a sentiment for most of us. Jewellery that is associated with special occasions, traditional clothing and expensive buying that is supposed to be worn on the D-day and kept safely back into lockers. However, us millennials, definitely don’t want to do that! As fashion trends seep into our wardrobes and even […]

What They Say & What We Hear: Traditional vs. Millennial

Whether it’s about the way we shop or about our style preference, there’s literally a whole lot of a difference between what elders say and how we millennials see it. But when it comes to gold jewellery, where our elders tell us about investing in it, we millennials are definitely looking in the other direction! […]