10 Jewellery Gifting Options Under 20K! #giftright

With the year coming to a happy close amidst all the festivities and wedding shenanigans it’s time to pile up on gifts and giveaways. By picking the perfect ‘forever’ gift without shelling the big bucks or compromising on your quirky quotient, let your pals and folks know how much they mean to you!

So, stock up! Whether it is for your BFF’s bridal party, your cool cousin’s wedding bash or just a family getaway, we’ve got the perfect jewellery options for every occasion.

We’ve got six new collections from our Autumn/Winter 2018-19 range. These collections have something in it for everyone – from gold jewellery to diamonds, enamel to gemstones, these collections are a true reflection of this season’s fashion. Pick it as a gift or deck up yourself, the choice is really yours! Just the way it should be.

Think picking jewellery as gifts might not fit in your budget bracket? Don’t! We, at Melorra, are here for just that. We have a plethora of jewellery options that are not only trendy, light-weight, and perfect for all your accessorising and gifting needs, but also a perfect option for every price range! And, especially, to keep up with the demands of the season, we’ve crafted jewellery categories and pieces that would fit in perfectly with your trendy wardrobe.

So, if you’re looking for a smooth and shiny diamond jewellery or a glistening gold jewellery, we have a selection for all!  So get set and read on – we’ve listed out ample choices under the 20K line:

#1. The Sunny Side Up Gold Studs for a daily wear piece!

gold jewellery

#2. The Wing-o-Spring Gold Bracelet for her work meetings and drinks with you in the evening!

gold jewellery

#3. The Floral Crown Gold Ring for her family brunches and get-togethers!

gold jewellery

#4.The Petite-o-Pretty Gold Pendant for her date nights with her soon-to-be!

#5. The Fringe Play Gold Danglers for the festivals and celebrations in the family.

gold jewellery

#6. The Simplistic Grace Gold Bracelet that will suit her daily.

gold jewellery

#7. The Seed of Life Gold Ring that would probably help the hubby for future references!

gold jewellery

#8. The Dainty Drama Diamond Pendant for a piece that reminds her of you and a little drama from the past *wink*!

diamond jewellery

#9. The Pop of Sunshine Gold Earrings to remind her of the sunshine within!

gold jewellery

#10. The Flaunt the Fringe Gold Earrings for a little trend in her gold jewellery collection!

gold jewellery

So don’t fret so much, just go and get that perfect gift that you’ve been looking for! A little sappy, a little shiny! 
Check out our entire under 20k collection here!
10 Jewellery Gifting Options Under 20K! #giftright
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10 Jewellery Gifting Options Under 20K! #giftright
10 Jewellery Gifting Options Under 20K! #giftright
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