5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets!

interesting things about bracelets

Ever wondered how a jewellery can save the day when you are short on time and still need to slay? Such an easy piece of jewellery to accessorize is worn around the wrists! The bracelet! Add a hint of precious to it – Gold, diamond, and gemstone bracelets to wear every day!

Interesting Facts about Bracelets!

Bracelets are chic and classic jewellery that instantly enhances your entire ensemble. They have been worn by men and women across ages now. Would you believe that the oldest bracelet is a stunning piece made of greenstone and is around 40,000 years old? There are numerous interesting facts related to this cutest piece of jewellery. Read on to explore interesting things to know about bracelets!

#1. Origin of the word “Bracelets”!

The word bracelet comes from Greek word “brachile” meaning “of the arm”. Women began to wear smaller versions and called them Bracel-ets. The word ‘bracels’ described armbands made of leather and decorated with gold, silver and gemstones and worn by Greek soldiers.

#2. Bracelets are happily old-school style!

From beaded and stoned to gold bracelets, this trendy gold jewellery is available in different styles and designs and is worn by people of all ages. But it’s nothing new. As per a report by Siberian Times, the earliest known ones were worn by the Sumerians of Southern Mesopotamia in 2500 BCE.

#3. Bracelets and the Victorian connection!

Just like rings, these also have their place in traditions as much as they are trendy! In the Victorian era, a pair of Wedding Bracelets was sometimes given by a husband-to-be to a bride. While she wore one while engaged, the other one was for her wedding day.

#4. Want to check out some historical archives? Check this out!

Bracelets were also used to express wealth and power, as the Pharaohs and Emperors of ancient kingdoms wore vast amounts of gold on their wrists. However, several gold ones dating c 900-700 BC can be seen at the Bronze Age Collection at the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.

#5. Put on some gold to up your health!

Gold jewelry can cheer you up as it has positive vibrations that relax the blood vessels and boost oxygen distribution to the cells. Thus boosting the energy levels. In India, women have been wearing gold bangles (non-flexible bracelets) as a tradition. Translate that to your every day and adorn it every day. It will not just be a fashion statement but will keep your health on top!

Gold and diamond bracelet is one of the most beloved women’s accessories. Many people perceive it not only as a decoration but also as a sign of wealth and good taste of its owner. Many people love this accessory because of the its capability of expressing personality. Now that we know so much about this beautiful adornment, why not understand the types of bracelets and some examples of gold bracelets to explore!

5 Types of bracelets:

#1. Tennis:

Tennis bracelets are those that have a row(s) of motifs, diamonds, or precious gemstones connected via chain or links.

5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets

#2. Flexible/ Size-free:

Flexible or Size-free bracelets are the ones that one can adjust according to the wrist size or style. It has adjustable links.
5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets

#3. Charm:

When there is an extra addition to the bracelet is there that is small, cute, and meaningful, it’s a charm. Charm jewellery has had a beautiful history. (Explore the charm jewellery that are cosmo inspired and some interesting facts around them!)

5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets

#4. Banglets

Banglets are a hybrid between stiff bangles and chained bracelets. They are one of the chic pieces of jewellery that can pump up your style quotient with the least effort.

5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets

#5. Regular:

Every other bracelet that is a combination of chains and motifs are regular one.

5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets

Check out many more trendiest and chic gold bracelets that you can wear with any outfit!

5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets!
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5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets!
5 Interesting Things to Know About Bracelets!
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