7 Jewellery From Our AW 18/19 All-Gold Collections

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Fashion should be accessible, easy, and affordable! At Melorra, this is what we swear by. So, when it comes to breathing latest fashion trends into real gold and diamonds, we follow the same mantra!

With a minimum of 6 new jewellery designs every day, the options are piling up. It can get confusing to manoeuvre our ever-expanding catalogue of trendy pieces. So, to get you started off with that search to find the perfect set of jewellery that’ll compliment your everyday outfit and suit your fashion taste, we’ll be listing our ‘pick of the week’ here on.

As the first in our ‘pick of the week’ series, we are presenting the Top 6 jewellery from our AW 18-19 All-Gold Collections. Yes, ‘all gold’ jewellery. These minimal and trendy pieces are perfect to get the year-ender party rollin’. Who said golds gotta be boring eh? Scroll down for the display of our super chic and party-ready trinkets from this season’s Disco Sequins Collection, The Knife Pleats Collections and our latest – The Scarf Print Collection (read: Scarf Print Mania!)

#1. The Sequin Sequel Dangler to get the party started

Gold Danglers gold earrings

#2. The Trance Dance Bracelet to get the groovin’ mode on!

gold bracelet gold jewellery

#3. Keep it sleek and sharp in this Groovy Folds Earrings.

Gold Danglers Melorra.com

#4. Get your weekend vibe on with some Groovy Folds Bangles 

Gold Bangles Melorra.com

#5. The Swirl Curl Dangler to add a touch of mystique to your ensemble

gold earrings gold jewellery

#6 & #7. The Lily Trilogy Necklace and Lily Trilogy Dangler for a dreamy dash of fashion

gold earrings gold necklaces

Now that you’ve got a preview of what other fashionistas from all over the country are loving, flaunting and buying – its time to take your pick!
7 Jewellery From Our AW 18/19 All-Gold Collections
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7 Jewellery From Our AW 18/19 All-Gold Collections
7 Jewellery From Our AW 18/19 All-Gold Collections
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