A/W 18-19: The Scarf Print Mania! #trendspotting

The scarf prints have taken over the runway and now it’s time for it to take on the streets too!

In a bold and explosive range of colours and prints, the scarf print definitely brings out the luxury, panache and confidence out for the world to see! Inspired from the Baroque period, these prints are a resurrection of the 80’s and early 90’s silk scarves that consisted of chains and Grecian and Romanesque motifs like the Palmette, Guilloche etc. that could also be seen as a part of their architectural wonders. (Read: Fashion Renaissance)

Created with a high polish finish, our collection consists of all-gold pieces that will suit all your daywear needs. Whether it is coupling a pair of danglers with that print jumpsuit or adding a gold necklace to those maxi beach dresses, it’s designed to make you awestruck!

Don’t believe us? Just scroll down for a peek!

After taking inspiration from the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo, Toga and Versace, we took to the streets for some trend spotting fun! Have you spotted any around you yet?!

Street style at Milan Fashion Week 2018

Bold, Out Going, Playful and Casual, depict your fun side in an array of colours!

Before ANNAKIKI Milan Fashion Show 2018

When a trend gets the royal seal of approval, you’ve got to sit up and take notice, right? Not everyday do you find something ‘Queen Approved’!

Milan Fashion Week 2018
So add a bombastic print into your Autumn Winter wardrobe that is sure to stand out and flaunt your bold style in the true sense of maximalism! After all, this season is all about – The Bolder The Better!
Check out our entire Scarf Print Collection here!
A/W 18-19: The Scarf Print Mania! #trendspotting
Article Name
A/W 18-19: The Scarf Print Mania! #trendspotting
A/W 18-19: The Scarf Print Mania! #trendspotting
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