8 Jewellery for 8 Occasions! #Yearender #partyready

It’s the Pick of the Week! Are you excited? We definitely are! With the year-end merriment and constant party planning, there are outfits to be decided and perfect pairings to be picked!

The hunt for that perfect look is already on, whether it’s the outfit or the shoes, we’re reading up the trends and catching up on the colours and sparkle that shows off our style while dotting all the I’s of Fashion! Whether it’s a subtle LBD or a sequined attire, it’s going to be a blingy affair and we all know it! A Christmas Eve party, catching up with your besties or the big New Year one, there’s a lot of colour, shimmer, prints that you’re ready to mix and match and make new resolutions in – Maybe it’s going to be about trying out new clothing styles or finally picking up that bold shimmering pair of boots! It’s a world of possibilities!

While you are preparing for the outfit – we’ll narrow down your accessories hunt for 8 occasions that are going to be on your attending list!

We know sometimes pairing ideas get confusing, what with the right colour combination, flashy contrasts or just blending with the outfit. But don’t you worry. With our fashion experts, we have picked up pieces that will match Any Attire. From being paired with the brightest of fringe dress or that multi-print pleated skirt or a bold red-black iconic combo, you can be sure to find at least one (if not all), that’ll go with your outfit choice!

With gold and diamond jewellery options that are 100% certified, BIS hallmarked, light-weight and all without burning a hole in your pocket, is something to look into, we say! Celebrate December in full swing with a piece of jewellery that’ll be the bling for the new year and apt for pretty much everything! Read on!

#1. The Vanilla Victories Gold Necklace for that red outfit picked for the Christmas Party!

gold necklace gold jewellery

#2. The Swirl Curl Gold Danglers for those evenings with BFF!

gold earrings gold jewellery

#3. The Florally Fabulous Gold Studs to add some zing to your Family Luncheon outfit!

gold studs gold jewellery

#4. The Sweet Star O’ Mine Gold Pendant for that brunch with the S-O!

gold pendant gold jewellery

#5. The Take Two Gold Danglers for that mini-getaway plan on the weekend!

gold danglers gold jewellery

#6. The Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Danglers to spice up those traditional wedding functions!

gemstone earrings gemstone jewellery

#7. The Polygon Ruse Danglers & the FourC Gold Necklace to add some bling to those office parties!

gold jewellery buygoldonline

#8. The On The Square Gold Earrings to welcome the New Year with a Big Bash!

gold danglers gold jewellery

Since now you have a list of the all-rounders, you can concentrate on your attire and create a combination that is blingy, bold and sparkling (just like you!) for all the year-end occasions!
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8 Jewellery for 8 Occasions! #Yearender #partyready
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8 Jewellery for 8 Occasions! #Yearender #partyready
8 Jewellery for 8 Occasions! #Yearender #partyready
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