Jewellery Just In: Be the First to Flaunt #Fridayrefresh

2018 is coming to a fabulous close. It’s time to shop, time to celebrate and time to binge on fashion! And also, jewellery.

The celebratory vibe is in the air. The invites are beginning to pour in, and along with it making the year-ender party plans. It’s also that time of the year when you bring out the best from your wardrobe, all set to dazzle through the night!

What’s IN this week you ask?

As part of our #Fridayrefresh, we bring to you a barrage of jewellery from various categories and trend slabs. While there is something in it for every fashionista out there, we’re also sure for every occasion too! From enamel jewellery to all-gold to unique trend-inspired ones, to gemstones, you’ll undoubtedly find something to suit your style. Witnessing an obvious reflection of Autumn Winter’s 2018-19 fashion trends, these are fresh off of the runway and ready to be a part of your jewellery collection.

From textured gold to the boldness of the fluorescent shades, there’s something for every woman and for all occasions! Whether it is about adding a little bling to your subtle workwear or addition to jazz up that LBD, with all these options, we’re sure you’ll be blown away!

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

So add some Bright and Bold shades to your daily wear and stay on point this Autumn Winter! Check out the entire collection here!


Jewellery Just In: Be the First to Flaunt #Fridayrefresh
Article Name
Jewellery Just In: Be the First to Flaunt #Fridayrefresh
Jewellery Just In: Be the First to Flaunt #Fridayrefresh
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