AW21/22: 5 Easy Ways to Style Your Knits!

As December approaches after a year that felt as tumultuous as our work-life balance, sweater weather is finally here! Let knits take over this AW21!

The cold season brings with it the option of donning comfy n’ cosy sweaters, cardigans, scarves, socks with sandals (it’s not cringe when it’s fashion that keeps you warm, ya’ll!) and of course, long knitted dresses that touch the ankles or calves. And MAYBE layering might be a task to many; it does have its benefits of experimenting with creating looks that are the epitome of drop-dead gorgeous fashion. And once you’ve mastered the art of layering, Autumn-Winter fashion can be the sleek, chic style statement to make winter your favourite season.

And no, you definitely don’t have to be a certified style guru to master Autumn-Winter Fashion! This AW21, Knits are making a comeback. And it’s all about channelling a head-to-look, with knitted dresses and even knotted sweaters. So let us guide you on how to ace that knitted and knotted look with a little glimmer of gold. Here are five easy ways to get your knit game on point.

The Autumn-Winter 21 guide: Five Easy Ways To Style Your Knits

#1 Get ‘Dressed’ Up

Knitted dresses? Yes, please! For some extra warmth this season, dresses can be your BFFs for sure. A slinky knit dress is a great outfit choice for dinner dates as well AND it keeps you cosy. Two birds with one stone.

knitted style
Instagram @Jonathansimkhai

Match it with: Winter Verve Bangle to add some elegance.

Winter Verve Bangle
Winter Verve Bangle

#2 ‘Prep’ for the Cold

Take a cue from Camila Mendes or Gemma Chan on how to add a preppy touch to your winter look. A knit sweater vest over a collared shirt is the way to go. Add a pair of thick-rimmed glasses for an extra cool vibe.

Match it with: Cable Comfy Hoops for an extra preppy vibe.

Cable Comfy Hoops
Cable Comfy Hoops

#3 Tone on Tone, Monotone

Match the season’s subtlety with your ensemble by pairing a tone on tone outfit. Pair a Skirt and Sweater combo with chunky knitted patterns for an edge while keeping it neutral chic.

Knit story by malene birger
IG @Bymalenebirger

Match it with: Slayin Sweaters Pendant to glam up with gold.

Slayin Sweaters Pendant
Slayin Sweaters Pendant

#4 The Grunge Girl Winter

The end of Sad Girl Autumn commences the beginning of Grunge Girl Winter. Okay, we kid. Or do we? Hailee Steinfield understands this assignment perfectly with her grey-pink Marc Jacobs look that’s comfy, warm and grunge all the way.

knit like hailee
Insta @Haileesteinfeld

Match it with: Knits All Over Bracelet to add an edge.

Knits All Over Bracelet
Knits All Over Bracelet

#5 Glitter Glitter, Sparkle Sparkle

Do knits have to be monochromatic all the time? Of course not. In the end, it’s all about the vibe that you love. And if you’re someone that adores a bit ‘o sparkle, then who’s to stop you? Especially with the festive jolly vibes of Christmas and new year on the way, glitter can be the brilliant add on to your knits. Take a cue from Jacqueline’s golden glow look and get festive with metallics and glitter this season because YOLO, my dears, YOLO.

Jacqueline in knits
Instagram @Jacquelinef143

Match it with: Knit Me Knot Necklace for all the ~SpaRkLes~

Knit Me Knot Necklace
Knit Me Knot Necklace

Has the jolly vibe of winter wear left you longing for more? In that case, The Knits and Knots Collection is your AW fantasy. Check out all the jewellery pieces and layer ‘em up with your winter looks!

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AW21/22: 5 Easy Ways to Style Your Knits!
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AW21/22: 5 Easy Ways to Style Your Knits!
As December approaches after a year that felt as tumultuous as our work-life balance, sweater weather is finally here! Look out for these 5 style tips for winter-ready knits!
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