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With a lot happening in the last year, the Spring Summer 2021 season was about embracing a little more positive energy! As fashion is an instant language, many trends this summer have hugged positivity like a good old friend. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s just dive into this pool of energetic vibes in seven different ways!

With positivity being the need of the hour, fashion too had it as one of its macro trends. This Spring Summer 2021 brought a lot to revitalize that lost fashion punk. Out of all, 7 trends stood strong and full of positive energy – THE MOST! Reenergizing the promising developments that we are seeing this year — whether that’s the radiant and upcycling trends that dominated the runway or the innovative and out-loud spirit of activism. This year’s fashion has it all!

Check out these 7 chic trends radiating positive energy like a boss!


#1. The Big and Bountiful Flowers!

Bold, brighter and impactful – this trend is all about embracing the breezy floral take-over! Designers went back to the basics and created feminity accentuating outfits. Not just the summer outfits, but any and every relaxed garment one can think of had a positive splurge of big blooming flowers on them! Rodarte, Anna Sui, Erdem and many more went all the way – from flirty silhouettes to floral cool-caz vibe! This trend is all about a romantic, delicate and playful summer vibe.

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The Bountiful Flowers Collection

Translating this blooming positive energy into fine gold jewellery, we bring you the gold way to hug florals this summer! Explore the entire Bountiful Flowers collection today!


#2. Shimmy Up The Disco Vibe!

Revitalizing in itself and dancing over the quarantine boredom, this trend has come doing boogie-woo all the way! And in style!  Through the draining aura of the gone year, this SS21 has come calling – ‘Let there be light’! This pop fashion is undoubted, one of the most striking trends, this season. 

Vibing in the mood of Burberry, Balmain, Isabel Marant and many more, this disco-era metallics and shimmy styles ruling your fashion game -the funky groove was right on! From Genelia D’souza’s caz-disc vibe T-shirt to Anna Hathaway’s body contouring sparked gown – the celeb world was grooving no less!

positive energy macro trend
The Disco Collection

Complementing this disco vibe, we brought you one of the hottest collections of the year – in gold and in diamonds too! Explore the entire Disco Collection.


#3. The Buttery Positivity!

Soft as Butter, hues so light, pastels are the perfect Summer vibe! This Spring-Summer 2021 we are seeing pastels and we can’t get enough. Energy is not just a feeling this season; it’s a whole mood. Under the refreshing banner of positive energy – Pastels became one of the highlights with all the ramps, runways, red carpets and even a little streetwear shining in their pretty pastel avatar. From Jennifer Lopez to Beyonce, and Bhumi Pednekar to Shraddha Kapoor, the celebs were seen relaxing in pastel energy quite a lot.

spring pastels collection spring summer 2021
The Spring Pastels Collection

Taking inspiration from these shades, we’ve created a range of happy chic jewellery in gold and gemstones that’ll match all your pastel outfits of the season. Check out our Spring Pastels Collection.

#4. Positive Sporty Energy!

With cozy and flexy garments becoming our go-to outfits for almost any occasion, this athleisure trend is here to blend sporty with positivity!  At-home work, exercise, or play, the lounging look of sweatpants and yoga pants are the mantra for the season. And aspiring us to be flexible! With Celine, Rag &Bones, Apiece Apart, and most vibrantly – David Koma’s sporty-chic collections – the season was thriving in a strong, active aura!

sporty collection spring summer 2021
The Sporty Stripes Collection

Taking inspiration from this yoga-relaxed and jogger-sporty trend, we have created a range in gold and diamonds with geometric shapes. Explore the entire Sporty Stripes Collection.


#5. Bold, Brave and Positive!

As chic, and as fashionable – this backless trend is one of the boldest trends this season. Whether it’s about a work video call during the day or that Zoom party at night, this trend was ideal for both moods. Carrying the motto of ‘business in the front and party in the back’, this trend combined the best of both worlds. Designers like Hermes, David Koma, Missoni, Nina Ricci and many more, brought back the sizzling power of backless! With Deepika Padukone, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie – celebs all over the globe were also seen turning their bare backs to any and every drowsy aura!

positive energy macro trend
The Bold Gold Collection

With this disarming power of a backless dress, go a notch ahead and go bold in gold! We have translated this positive energy in our gold range – The Bold Gold collection.  


#6. Happy-go-hippie Positive Energy!

Who says you can’t be colourful when you’re at-home or bored? Colours, DIY & vibrant burst calls out for tie and dye! This season with colourful positive energy, tie and dye is every designer’s favourite! Prada, Paco Rabanne, Stella McCartney, and many more – came up with their innovative versions of this happy-go-lucky style. Tie & dye was literally dormant until Beyonce showed up to a beach holiday, and Dree Hemingway wore it to the red carpet. Well, thanks to all of them for revitalizing this freedom vibe! Freedom to fashion!

positive energy macro trend
The Tie and Dye Collection

Translating this bright & funky trend, we’ve created a range in gold with colourful gemstones like Malachite, Crazy Lace Agate, Blue Lace Agate & Chrysocolla. Explore the entire Tie and Dye Collection.


#7. Radiating Positivity!

The colours of childhood nostalgia are here again. Bringing those positive and vibrant energies back, this trend is all about a happy feel! With Alberta Ferretti and Acne Studios’ light sheer clothing in bright popping colours, it was time to revel in hues. However, Halpern’s all big and bright kaftan-inspired look filled the air with illuminating colours combined with the Summer aura. Celebs like Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, Gal Gadot and so many more, were seen picking from the lively colour box of life.

positive energy macro trend
The Radiant Colour Collection

Taking inspiration from this colourful season, we have created a range in gold with bright enamel hues. To dance in the colours of positive energy with the promise of gold, explore the entire Radiant Colour Collection.


While you’re here, diving through the trends bringing in positive energy, also check out other macro trends of this season. Activism, Camouflage, Netting and a lot more will cling to your minds for sure!

Explore the entire Spring Summer 2021 collections here!

Explore the Positive Energy of Fashion! #Trending
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Explore the Positive Energy of Fashion! #Trending
This SS'21 was the season to embrace a little more positive energy! Explore these 7 collections to re-energize & revitalize your fashion!
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