Hook On, Move On – Earrings that are Easy!

Don’t you just hate it when you have to tussle with a stubborn earring screw or struggle with an earring clip that just won’t clasp?

Gold earrings
Sliding earrings

We h’ear’ you!

We know, the struggle is real. So, we decided to introduce hook on earrings in real jewellery – marrying the best of convenience & beautiful designs – that too in Gold & diamond, howzat!

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Gold Earrings

No screwing around, literally!

Yup, you read that right! Say goodbye to tedious screws, tricky clasps and boring plugs. Our ‘hook on, move on’ earrings are simply slide-on, making it super easy to wear! It is also designed in the way that makes it practical to wear and makes it stay on your ears, without falling off.

Wait, there’s more to it!

Slide-on isn’t the only feature these lovelies flaunt of. We added many more features, here’s a rundown of a few:

  1. Always Trend on-point, because we are fashion-inspired, remember?
  2. Super easy to wear, and no IT WON’T FALL OFF!
  3. It is water-proof, make-up proof, weather-proof, fade-proof so basically – carefree!
  4. No allergies or itchy scabs – it’s Gold after all.
  5. Good for life – again, it’s gold – duh! Which means – timeless & always valuable.
  6. We’ll exchange it for a new one! Yeah, lifetime exchange policy, girl!


Because wearing jewellery shouldn’t be rocket science! So, just slid them on and you are good to go!
Yup, that easy!

Shop the collection here!

Hook On, Move On - Earrings that are Easy!
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Hook On, Move On - Earrings that are Easy!
Hook On, Move On - Earrings that are Easy!
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