Pick of the Week: Give Away A Heart This Valentine! #gifting

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Gold has become a whole lot trendier this Valentine’s season and we can’t have enough of it! After all, the Heart has its Reasons.

As you probably know by now, we’re completely smitten over the bold shades of neon, the textures of the animal print and the OTT bows that made 2018 fashion. And we took these trends to a whole new level by combining them with the heart motif, for a new range of gifts! So if you’re looking to surprise the Someone Special in your life or your BFF or even yourself, this is the place to be!

While the heart design continues to define all-things-love, we at Melorra, planned to give it a little twist. After all, it’s about highlighting your fashionista looks! Combining our popular trends with the ideation of affection, we created a whole range of gold, diamond, enamel and gemstone jewellery that could fit in with all your ensembles. Whether it was for a work meeting, a brunch with the fam, or a get-together with your girls, there’s a whole lotta fashion. And also jewellery! (Read: 2018 Trends)

For this week’s Pick of the Week, we’re all about the Trendy Hearts in all its bravura. Moreover, we’ve always believed in the fashion not just being a part of your closet, but also your jewellery box. So, don’t hesitate! Check out the jewellery trends that’ll make a fab addition in your collection!

#1. The Bouquet of Hearts Enamel Danglers from our Flower Bouquet Collectionenamel jewellery gold jewellery

#2. The Club of Hearts Gold Bracelet from our Disco Sequin Collection

gold jewellery

#3. The Heart Stripe Gold Studs from our Animal Print Collection

gold studs gold jewellery

#4. The Doting Bows Diamond Ring from our Bows Collection

diamond jewellery diamond ring

#5. The Circle of Hearts Enamel Pendant from our Fluo Neon Collection

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

#6. The Heart Mache Diamond Bracelet from our Knife Pleats Collectiondiamond jewellery

#7. The Love Palm Gold Danglers from our Scarf Print Collection

gold jewellery gold earrings

We suggest you grab a seat and figure out the gifts you’re planning to give hints about or pick a piece for your beloved or yourself! There’s surely a piece for one and all, and that too at a price that’ll suit your budget. So go ahead and take your pick!

Check out our entire range of Hearts Collection here!

Pick of the Week: Give Away A Heart This Valentine! #gifting
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Pick of the Week: Give Away A Heart This Valentine! #gifting
Pick of the Week: Give Away A Heart This Valentine! #gifting
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