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As the festive season slowly simmers down, the new goodies are on the top of the stack, with pairings already planned for work, party and for that day out with friends! But, when you can continue to wear your new clothes even after the festivities have settled, why not wear your jewellery too?

Though when it comes to jewellery, especially festive jewellery, wearing it every day can be tricky. The chunky numbers, therefore, always find its way back to the lockers once the festivities end. But, instead of the chunky and heavy set jewellery, if you would have invested in minimal, lightweight & pocket-friendly jewellery, you could enjoy it every day! Not convinced yet? We’ve listed out few more reasons you should #saynoto chunky jewellery!

It’s hard to carry on the chunky pieces for the festivities into our everyday life. “Wouldn’t it be easy to buy a few minimal pieces that can be worn later as well?” – is probably a question you’ve asked yourself. “But Is there something that is a combination of the two?” – We, at Melorra, are making sure that there is!

Leading by example, we are #Sayingnoto chunky jewellery this season!

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Spot the Dot Necklace

Alongside some compelling reasons, here’s why we are supporting the minimal ‘jewellery’ cause:

#1. Easy on the pocket

When things become cost-friendly, and the design is as we like it, what more of a reason is there to not pick it up? With minimal jewellery, the making charges are less and so is the cost of purchase! With a price range starting from Rs.4000, gold has never seemed more affordable!

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Vanilla Victories Ring

#2. Easy to Store

In every family, there’s a locker that contains the family heirlooms, only to be taken out on weddings and special occasions and then locked back, until the next time. Whereas with minimal jewellery all you need to do is keep it in its box and stack it in your drawer, with the promise of wearing it more frequently.

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First Fleurs Ring

#3. Easy to wear

With chunky pieces, comes tight clasps, the itch because of the chain, slight heaviness around the neck etc. the list goes on. However, a minimal piece holds none of the above! Light as a feather with a subtle texture and design, these things become the issues of the old!

#4. Versatile as You!

Where chunky jewellery becomes outfit specific, minimal knows no such bounds! An option that can be paired with your saree to your denim-on-denim outfit, it’s matching limits are defined by you!

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The Unbox Code Stud Earrings

#5. Stack it Up!

With subtle designs comes the possibility of mix and match! Whether they are fashion chains of different length worn with that V-neck top or a stack of rings with that polka dot dress, stack them up together and create your own fashion statement.

#6. Contemporary in Nature

Your outfit of the day can be a question but not your gold jewellery! With modern designs that are inspired by the latest fashion trends and paired with your love for gold, we at Melorra create designs keeping in mind your needs!

Stacked Up Fashion Chains

#7. Easy to Maintain

One of the major advantages of minimal pieces is its maintenance – which is as simple as choosing the jewellery! A trinket created for everyday use is sturdy and less prone to damage, breakage and even scratches. Now, isn’t that tempting?

#8. For Every Outfit/ Occasion/ Day

When we create ornaments at Melorra, we make sure that its versatile pattern suits all your purposes. Whether it is for a family gathering, a pub-hopping night or a business meeting. A minimal piece can easily become a part of your outfits, your occasions and your Every Day.

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Spot the Dot Bracelet

#9. Easy to Exchange

With gold jewellery comes the option of an exchange, where we all are a little hesitant. Especially when it’s a family hand-down, you’re not exactly comfortable with the thought of exchange. However, with minimal jewellery, you can easily trade in the old and pick something up from the latest collections. Moving with the fashion trends, your clothes are no longer the only thing to be upgraded!

#10. Not Too Loud, Nor Too Subtle – Just Right!

Minimal jewellery never overpowers your outfit – when you don’t need it to. Worn from an office wear outfit to evening wear, it will show your mood through the pairings you create! A piece that can be not-too-loud when worn with a white shirt can turn into the perfect bling when worn with that black LBD! It’s all about what you need in the end!

Flaunt the Fringe Earrings
So don’t hesitant, pick a minimal piece this festive season and add it to your collection of ‘everyday look’ accessories! 
Check out our latest collection here!
#SayNoTo Chunkies! #minimaljewellery #melorra
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#SayNoTo Chunkies! #minimaljewellery #melorra
#SayNoTo Chunkies! #minimaljewellery #melorra
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