SS ’19: Fashion’s Floral Fiesta! #Trendalert

Fashion brings out its big guns with florals going All-Over The Top! This Spring Summer 2019 trend is all about flowers in full bloom. Clashing merrily in a head-to-toe fashion, it’s a sight you can’t miss. And while designers are going gaga over this super-colourful trend, our fingers are tingling with excitement! Whether it’s an all over small print or big flowers in full bloom, there’s a lot of buzz going around.

Keeping the mood of the season in mind, here’s what our inspiration board looks like!

With this array of colours spreading cheery vibes, we’re definitely feeling the summer vibe. Taking inspiration from this trend, we’re all about adding something new to our collection! So, stay tuned to find out what we have this floral season!

Check out our Spring Summer 2019 collections so far!

SS '19: Fashion's Floral Fiesta! #Trendalert
Article Name
SS '19: Fashion's Floral Fiesta! #Trendalert
SS '19: Fashion's Floral Fiesta! #Trendalert
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