SS’20: An Ode to the Flower Power! #FloralFashion

Flowers have been a part of fashion since we can remember. From the Medieval & Renaissance Era to this month, florals are forever blossoms and a print that never goes out of fashion.

An inspiration that crops up every year, pun intended – with every flower, leaf and even fern, holding different connotations. The designers too, are never bored of this print and come up with new ways to depict the season’s themes. Whether it’s a rebellion or an ode to the Victorian styling, there’s a flower for it all. And that too, featuring different styles and structures!

Did you know that every flower holds a distinctive meaning? Here’s a gist of what the popular ones symbolize:

Birds of Paradise Joyfulness, thoughtfulness and wonderful anticipation.
Rose Romance, love!
Daisy Innocence, purity and cheerfulness.
Gerbera Belongs to the Daisy family and also connotes happiness.
Lily The white lily symbolizes modesty, while an orange lily symbolizes passion.

Lily of the Valley, on the other hand, symbolizes sweetness & purity of heart.

Tulip Fame, love, sunshine!


These got you intrigued, didn’t it? It definitely has us reading up some more things! Who knew flowers were so symbolic?

I must have flowers, always and always! – Claude Monet

A Love Affair: Ramps, Florets & Gold

With all the symbolism flowers hold, there had to be a love affair between the ramps and these charming motifs. The ramps have had an on-off relationship with this motif, wherein it might disappear for a season and then make a comeback later. From the SS20 love of wilderness, AW19/20’s take on romance and rebellion to SS19 being all about flowers in full bloom – there’s been a whole lotta flower to look at. And indulge in too.

SS20: @Zimmermann
AW19/20: @Blumarine
SS19: @Aliceandolivia

Flowers And Us

So taking up the floral challenge, we started to take a look at what flowers have been for us! With different trends coming up every season, there’s always been a flower that inspires us – Every Season without fail. And of course, the era and style it was meant to talk about!

So walk down the memory lane with us and our ode to flowers!

SS17: The Floral Punk Collection

Fierce, independent and ambitious were the key takeaways of this trend. From printed, patchworked to layered and embellished dresses, this trend was all about adding the punk to florals. With lace-trimmed dresses (in black, of course), black ribbons, leather and fishnet infusions, bold was the way to go.

Taking inspiration from this, we created a range in gold with edgy designs, diamond additions and rhodium plating. With folds, cutwork and dangling arrows, it was the edgy look to try out that season!

Check out the Floral Punk Collection here!

AW17/18: The Vintage Florals Collection

When wall hangings become a thing, it Will gradually slip into clothing. And here we are! The Autumn Winter 17/18, ramps and runways were filled with floral patterns that would have totally matched a wall hanging or drapes in a heavier fabric.

Inspired by them, we created a range in gold and added enamel to it! With minimal folds and vintage patterns, this collection hit all the classy notes.

Check out the Vintage Florals Collection here!


SS18: The Sunflower Yellow Collection

Let the Sun in – was indeed the call of SS18, with the Sunflower colour trend. Inspiration from the sunny days and the flower of the Sun, this trend was all about the flower itself, and it’s petals. With a cheerful nature print and bright colour blasts, it was the perfect summer colour to follow.

Taking the Sunflower motif itself, we’ve created a range in gold and diamonds that depict the fully blossomed florals and their days in the Sun!

Check out the Sunflower Yellow Collection here!


AW18/19: The Flower Bouquet Collection

It wasn’t Just about the flowers this season! But about their placement and colour too. With a bouquet-like pattern and bigger, bolder yet feminine print, there was an air of classiness. Placed on dark backgrounds, this trend was vivid, loud and dancing on all the runways and red carpets.

Taking inspiration from this colourful trend, we created a range of gold and diamonds with enamel work to highlight the floral pattern. With 3-D petal structures and folds, it was about being both subtle and standing out of the crowd.

Check out the Flower Bouquet Collection here!


SS19: The Floral Bloom Collection

Talk about being all over, blossoming and clashing florals – this is the trend for it all! From soft feminine florals to retina-searing hues, there was every take possible for this trend. Showcasing a retro touch, these florals were seen head to toe on all ramps, runways and red carpets. Whether it was a beach vibe or an OTT one, there was a look for them all.

While the trend defined the modernized flower print, we too added cheer to gold with blooming flower motifs and every petal boldly showing off its grace. Be radiant, they said. Be Graceful, they said. So we went for both and added loud to it.

Check out the Floral Bloom Collection here!


AW19/20: The Dark Florals & Dark Romance Collection

When a trend captures our heart so keenly, we went ahead and made 2 collections to depict this! A take on both romance – rebellion and renaissance – gothic, there was a blend unlike ever seen before. Showing off love with roses, there was a fierce side of this trend with thorns.

Inspired by the motif and the theme of the season, we created a range in gold that flaunted rose patterns with thorns too. Date night story? Showing off your romantic side – but there’s going to be Gun N Roses playing in the background. Just saying.

Check out the Dark Florals & Dark Romance Collections here!


SS20: The Prairie Flowers Collection

And last but not least, we’re bringing back your wild side with a touch of Sound of Music or Wuthering Heights. Taking inspiration from the prairie lands and the wildflowers that we find from there to our gardens, we’re highlighting daisies, poppies, daffodils and whatnots to inspire you this season.

Be young, wild and free is the call of the season, and for that purpose, we’ve created a range in gold and diamonds to match your spirit. Enjoy the Sun, the breeze and the grass. And wish on a Dandelion, while you’re at.

Check out the Prairie Flowers Collections here!


So here we are right now, all set to get inspired from the next flower trend! So while we wait, take a look at what we’ve been working on so far. Cause even though not floral, there’s a whole lotta summer packed for you to see!

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