SS’21: Go Bold with the Second Skin! #TrendAlert

second skin trend 2021

The Spring Summer 2021’s clingiest trend is here! As chic, and as fashionable! So, read on to check out this second skin that you NEED to adorn for that fashion high.

During the pandemic, the world of fashion got affected to a great extent. So, did the ways of clothing and accessorizing. Both have gotten an upgrade accordingly. Indeed, the fighting spirit has covered the fashion street as well. With many other trends like leather, netting, and military, the idea of adorning a second skin is also in the same queue. Just as, the prime focus was on dressing that complements the outline of the body, so is this trend – all about protecting and flaunting too! How the body-hugging style accentuates the curves and the flows! Subsequently, one can say that the outfit acts as a complementary skin. With clingy, ribbed, and mesh pieces, this trend is here to define Summer fashion in a unique manner.

second skin trend 2021
Photo Credits: Instagram @Mugler, @Kyliejenner and @Shraddhakapoor

Revel In The Second Skin

With sweats and comfy outfits on rotation the gone year, there is no doubt in saying that we have become accustomed to stretchier, more casual wardrobes! Hence, designers all over the globe have paid attention to this need for a fashion upgrade! Firstly, Marine Serre’s second-skin face-shielding bodysuits and fish scale replicating close-skin garments were perfect examples for the trend. However, Mugler’s head-to-toe close-skin ensemble to Norma Kamali’s use of silver all-over bodysuits is definitely a speak of the future!

Mugler and Wendy Nichol’s usage of sheer textiles was surely a highlight for the trend of comfy second skin!

While Missoni went with light and stretchy knitwear, Mara Hoffman went vintage with legging-cum-sock tights! Similarly, Dolce Gabbana and Saint Laurent successfully gave bicycle shorts a comfy place in the home, apart from the tracks only. While Oliver Theyskens and Pamela Rolland chose to go classic with long bodycon dressing, Rachel Comey and Christian Dior were all about clinging but short casual bodywear!

Second Skin For The Stars

Celebrities were also stretching through their wardrobe. Hence, the limelight was filled with spandex and skin-hugging outfits. With Ava Max’s zebra print stretchy top to Dua Lipa’s head-to-toe body-clinging suits – the aura was all stretched to comfort! Likewise, Jennifer Lopez and Kali Uchis’s skin-tight black suits with abstract cuts were a view to behold! Can you deny?

To name specifically, Billie Eilish broke the internet with her stark change of look, in sheer garment hugging her figure – totally like a second skin. Truly, quite a bold move!

Who has always been a big-time proponent of body-hugging silhouettes? The Kardashian Clan! Indeed, Kylie Jenner in her all-over patterned outfit covering the skin closely was THE best example of going bold with extra skin silhouettes. Furthermore, Kim Kardashian in her sheer mesh dress to her figure-accentuating wardrobe has made this trend timeless!

Bollywood was also seen reciprocating the comfy and bold vibe with all power. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra was a sensation at Billboards Music Awards 2021 in her sheer skin gown, Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan went chic-o-caz with body-hugging casual wear. Likewise, for celebs like Shraddha Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Shanaya Kapoor, and Sonam Kapoor, it was time to revel in the snug.

The Bold Contours Collection

Likely, when the skin silhouette was up for grabs this season, we translated this trend into gold. Indeed, they are your perfect pair to go with skin-fit designs that reveal and protect with a casual outlook. 

Designer’s Quote

Make way for a contour appeal this Spring-Summer with the second skin trend. So, with a protective spirit & a caz-comfy vibe, this trend made us comfortable in our own skins & protecting us with its fit. Hence, translating this trend we created a range in gold with form-fitting designs that add a snug, body-hugging style to all your casual wear.

The Bold Contours - Designer's Mood Board
The Bold Contours – Designer’s Mood Board


Come on, then, check out these few trendy chic gold jewellery from The Bold Contours Collection:

second skin collection gold jewellery
Extra Layer Gold Finger Ring
second skin collection gold jewellery
Cover Me Up Gold Pendant
second skin collection gold jewellery
Skin Reveals Gold Studs
Firstly, check out the second skin collection gold jewellery
Derma Caz Gold Necklace
second skin collection gold jewellery
Body Suit Up Gold Drop Earring
Hence, check out the second skin collection gold jewellery
Hug Snug Gold Bracelet
Finally, check out this second skin collection gold jewellery
Bold Bodycon Gold Drop Earring

So, while you are digging through your wardrobe for that body-hugging sassy outfit for that all-day Work from home chill mood, do it with a glint of gold! To sum up, check out more such classy gold jewellery to make it “your second-skin”.


Explore the entire Bold Contours collection here!

SS'21: Go Bold with the Second Skin! #TrendAlert
Article Name
SS'21: Go Bold with the Second Skin! #TrendAlert
The SS 21’s clingiest trend is here! As chic and as fashionable! Explore this second skin that you NEED to adorn for that fashion high.

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