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SS’21: Activism: From the Designer’s Desk

This Spring Summer 2021, use your fashion to say it out loud! To stand united! Wanna know what our designer has to say about this empowering Activism collection? Read on. Fashion has always been used as an object of activism and stood for codes that go far beyond aesthetics. Just take Michelle Obama’s V-O-T-E necklace worn for her speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Or Mindy Kaling’s all rainbow-y chic attire pride parade! Fashion and activism have always been intertwined.  Activism In Style! While this activism trend was moving all across the ramps and red carpets, our designer, too, was feeling inspired. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes! Q: What is the basic idea behind this trend, ‘Activism’ and Fashion? How do they unite? A: To start off, the meaning of the word, Activism & Activist is important. An activist is a person who supports a political, economic, social or environmental…

SS ’20: White Swan: From the Designer’s Desk

It’s the colour tone of the season and we’re all about embracing White like never before. From going head-to-toe to adding the diamond jewellery for that evening meet-up, there’s a whole lotta white to explore! While White is taking over our Spring wardrobe (and our hearts), there’s also jewellery to go with it! With our White Swan collection, we’re giving this hue a whole new format and adding that extra flair to your look. But what lies in the inspiration? Why is the season about White? We know you’re super curious to know Everything about our collection! So don’t fret, cause we’re here with our edition of Designer Speaks, of what went behind this collection! Here’s what she has to say: #1. Why is Swan used as a reference here? Starting off, White is a major colour trend this Spring Summer fashion, but with a twist. Instead of hanging on…