SS ’20: White Swan: From the Designer’s Desk

It’s the colour tone of the season and we’re all about embracing White like never before. From going head-to-toe to adding the diamond jewellery for that evening meet-up, there’s a whole lotta white to explore!

While White is taking over our Spring wardrobe (and our hearts), there’s also jewellery to go with it! With our White Swan collection, we’re giving this hue a whole new format and adding that extra flair to your look. But what lies in the inspiration? Why is the season about White? We know you’re super curious to know Everything about our collection! So don’t fret, cause we’re here with our edition of Designer Speaks, of what went behind this collection! Here’s what she has to say:

#1. Why is Swan used as a reference here?

Starting off, White is a major colour trend this Spring Summer fashion, but with a twist. Instead of hanging on to its origins of peace and serenity, this season white is connoted with the macro trend Fantasy World, which captures the question, what will the future look like?

This macro trend’s depiction was most aptly presented as a runway backdrop on Richard Quinn’s show. Comprising of white feather face masks, dreamy lace gowns and flowy silhouettes with lace detailing, it showcased the two personalities of a White Swan. On one end, a Swan looks graceful, serene and beautiful. While on the other hand, it’s also fierce and aware of its surroundings at all times. To depict both sides of the Swan, we’ve showcased movements from taking a flight, flapping its wings to gracefully sitting and stretching out its neck.

Instagram @Elleindia – Naomi Watts in a swan-like gown

#2. What does the colour white denote as per the trend and for your collection?

This season, Pantone calls Brilliant White (a ‘fresh and pure’ white hue) the colour of the season. Stark and striking, this is a shade that looks demure but can only be worn by the fearless. If you’re someone who has never spilt a cut of coffee, this is the shade for you to don! Tonal dressing, which basically means dressing up in one colour family, is also a significant feature of SS20, which was visible on almost all runways.

Translating this head-to-toe-white trend, for our collection, we added colourless diamonds and rhodium plating to denote this neutral shade.

#3. How is this trend communicating the climate change theme of the season?

Mother nature has been giving us signals time and again about the changing climate. From fires, earthquakes and whatnot, there’s a lot of negativity around us. The macro trend for White Swan, Fantasy World, denotes the nature dreamland that we want to see around us. Where we have a nature-friendly existence in harmony and peace. Since White is a symbol of peace, it connotes a peaceful and serene coexistence.

Instagram @Michael5inco

#4. What kind of personalities would match the trend? What does this woman denote?

A white swan woman is like a peaceful warrior who follows the path of non-violence and at the same time, achieves her motive by being a rebel. She gains followers by her grace, charm and the way she fearlessly revolts for the betterment of the world.

Since a lot of political and environmental concerns are around us, there are people like Malala, Greta Thunberg, Amal Clooney, and Dia Mirza, who are striving to achieve and spread awareness by being peaceful activists.

#5. One style tip to follow?

Tactility is a crucial factor to consider for this trend. Because the silhouettes are flowy and dreamy as a fashion trend, you can pair these jewellery designs for a partywear/evening look with neutral shades.

Vision in White Ring
White Soiree Pendant

So, in a gist, the mood of the trend described the Swan’s characteristics of being graceful but aware. With this serene & brave message, we created our collection with swan motifs in diamonds to add that edge to your party wear.

Check out our White Swan Collection here!

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