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9 Handpicked Festive Jewellery By Our Top Designer #Musthaves

The pressure is mounting! The need to bring out the fashion A-game is ON! But, as a Melorra Woman, you got nothing to worry. Just sit back and read! We’ve handpicked the best of the season’s gold, diamond, gemstones and enamel jewellery for you. Ones that are not only uber fashionable, perfect for your festive ensemble, plus pocket-friendly. Here’s What We Did! We love to spoil you with jewellery choices. But, with five new festive collections, the choices can get confusing. So, we got our top designer Deepshikha Gupta to pick top 10 must-have jewellery that you should lay your hands on this season. So, go on and check out the list. These jewellery picks are the best of the lot. It will help you stay fashionable, stay on your budget and will set the festive tone! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself! #1. High on fashion, low…

10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday

#1 Because you get to choose your conversation starter with jewellery. Especially when you have over a hundred of the latest, trendy designs at Melorra to choose from. So, speak your heart out. Let that light shine bright and let your conversations be as interesting as your jewellery. #2 Because… ummm….Affordable diamonds? We know, nothing works its magic on a woman the way diamond does! So, we stocked up and made it afforable! Incredible combo, right? We agree! So fierce on – Diamond jewellery determined to match the fearless woman you are. #3 Because your jewellery and fashion become your best introduction – Don’t you agree? So, pick generously – let your jewellery reflect and radiate your true self. #4 Because, you are the real deal girl? So, out with the ordinary and in with the original! Start your own style statement by choosing your very own trademark jewellery. At Melorra, there…