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Gift Your Sister with Gold! #RakhiSpecial

It’s that time of the year again – Where all the sisters are set with their wishlist or at least ready to be surprised! It’s the sibling appreciation day! We’ve all been there. Fighting over the remote or some game that was recently bought. Just troubling each other for No Reason At All or complaining about them to our parents for every little thing…Memories, am I right? And while we were always deemed as Tom & Jerry while we were kids, growing up was a different story. Covering for each other, sneaking away, sharing secrets and whatnot, Tom and Jerry were ultimately friends. And more than that! Celebrating this roller coaster of a journey, send some love to your siblings and a gift to go with it! While gift cards and all are fine, how about something that says – ‘I know what you like!’ Isn’t that the best thing…

10 Studs to Add Glam to Your Work Clothes! #melorra

Gone are the days of sober and neutral clothing attires for your work! With more and more women joining the workforce, there’s a new age of office clothing to indulge in! And even more so for accessories. Mazel Tov! With trends focusing on the modern woman’s clothing and her changing roles, there’s a lot happening in the fashion world. Women no longer choose to wear masculine clothing to blend in but would rather stand out. From striped blazers, monochrome pantsuits, shift dresses to casual brogues, highlight jewellery pieces and neat hairdos, it’s a new era of work styling. As office clothing changes, so does accessorising, shouldn’t it? That too, precious jewellery. A New Addition Adding on a new side to fine jewellery, it’s time to make gold and diamond jewellery accessible and convenient. And we at Melorra, are doing just that! While the synonyms of precious jewellery have remained expensive, chunky…