10 Studs to Add Glam to Your Work Clothes! #melorra

Gone are the days of sober and neutral clothing attires for your work! With more and more women joining the workforce, there’s a new age of office clothing to indulge in! And even more so for accessories. Mazel Tov!

With trends focusing on the modern woman’s clothing and her changing roles, there’s a lot happening in the fashion world. Women no longer choose to wear masculine clothing to blend in but would rather stand out. From striped blazers, monochrome pantsuits, shift dresses to casual brogues, highlight jewellery pieces and neat hairdos, it’s a new era of work styling. As office clothing changes, so does accessorising, shouldn’t it? That too, precious jewellery.

A New Addition

Adding on a new side to fine jewellery, it’s time to make gold and diamond jewellery accessible and convenient. And we at Melorra, are doing just that! While the synonyms of precious jewellery have remained expensive, chunky and traditional, we’re all about changing that norm. Creating a range of jewellery that is made for the new age woman who does Everything – we are changing the way you look at gold, diamonds and all thing shiny.

Presenting chic jewellery that is not just trend inspired, but also light-weight and hassle-free, we’re all about you! Whether you love to flaunt your accessories or let them blend with your ensemble, we have something for all. Add subtle bling to your formals with gold or diamonds or choose to add a splash of colour with our gemstone and enamel ranges, we promise, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Picking out some sleek yet elegant stud earring options for you, we’re definitely rooting for you! Choose to colour block, create a contrast or simply let them blend, it’s all up to you! Here’s a peek at some pairing options:

#1. The Always in Fashion Diamond Studs that’ll go with absolutely everything!

diamond earrings diamond jewellery

#2. The Tangy Angie Enamel Studs to add a Bright splash of colour to that all-black or navy blue ensemble.

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

#3. The Trunk Show Gold Studs for those fun-filled casual Fridays!

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

#4. The Bow Baroque Gold Studs that’ll work with a pair of denim to formal skirts!

gold jewellery gold earrings

#5. The Gingham Style Diamond Studs for a little bling and a little chic for your dresses.

diamond jewellery diamond earrings

#6. The Bertyl Bloom Enamel Studs for those printed tops or even to create a contrast!

enamel jewellery gold jewellery

#7. The Love Shackles Gold Studs for a little trend-setting piece to pair with your straight trousers.

gold earrings gold jewellery

#8. The Unbox Code Enamel Studs for a little empowering white for those grey ensembles.

enamel jewellery gold jewellery

#9. The Petite-o-Pretty Diamond Studs for those flowy floral skirts and even printed A-line dresses.

diamond earrings diamond jewellery

#10. The Twilight Saga Gemstone Studs for a little colour, trend and all-things-fashion days!

gold jewellery gemstone jewellery

So, while you match your clothes, handbag and shoes together, we suggest adding some other accessories to your list too! Making a statement every day with your style quotient, stand out of the crowd! 

Check out our entire studs collection here!


10 Studs to Add Glam to Your Work Clothes! #melorra
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10 Studs to Add Glam to Your Work Clothes! #melorra
10 Studs to Add Glam to Your Work Clothes! #melorra
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