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SS’18: Painting the Town Pastel – #trendspotting

With our latest line of jewellery – The Gelato Pastels, we’ve proved our love for the sassiest colour trend of the season ‘Pastels’. We went so far that we even named the hues after our favourite desserts. So, if you are looking for a name for your favourite pastel – we suggest you use these – pistachio green, marshmallow pink, lemon sorbet, peach popsicle or duck egg blue, the runway this season has witnessed an array of fashion’s prettiest shades. Our collection “Gelato Pastels” too, has been constructed keeping the essence of a “Triple Scoop Coppetta”, in mind. Summarising the fashion world’s definition of the trend that says, open up your wardrobe, select every pastel item in sight, and stack those ice-cream shades on each other – just like a triple scoop coppetta! This definition is interpreted through the concept “Mix it up” in jewellery. For the collection – we’ve used Pastel…

SS’18: Get Ready to Drool – Feast on Fashion!

Sorbet tones, ice-cream shades, gelato pastels, marsh-mellow hues! – sounds like a dessert parlour menu? Well, not really, these are the many ways to call out the latest, and supremely delicious fashion colour trend on the block – Pastels! Runways: Dessert Destination But, if you are thinking it is going to be all sappy romantic hues, and OTT saccharine fashion picks, DON’T! Remember, ‘Power women’ still remains the mother of all macro trends this season, and this trend doesn’t dilute that. Pretty is powerful It is all about finding the sweet spot between soft and defiant, as Victoria Beckham stated – ‘Delicacy can be strong’, so think of combos that are out-of-the-box. Think modern. Team your duck egg blue shirts with a mini skirt or layer it with bolder shades. Or just combine different pastels in one ensemble – these are super big. Sugar, Spice and all things Sass This colour…