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SS ’20: The Future is Armour! #TrendAlert

After bodysuits and flowy gowns, there was just one essential missing – An armour! With all the metal hues of gold & silver, this trend brings in the new princess attire. Binge on all things metallic this season, without a care in the world! The new solid shade for all-things-glamourous, the sparkle ain’t too much this season. So if you’re about the sparkle, this is the season for you. With a new take on 80’s melted gold and silver looks, it’s all about a futuristic goddess look. The armour for the powerful woman, saving the world. Armour Adapts In case you missed it, Jean-Paul Gaultier presented his final show, bidding farewell to a 50-year career with his Spring 2020 collection. And he did so with a spectacle! Bringing back metallic pants and corsets, it was an ode to the armours of today. Balenciaga, on the other hand, took a more…

SS’18: Let’s Do Lavender Right #runwayrundown #fashionfirst

The hero colour of SS’18 – LAVENDER has been in the ‘fashion’ limelight, all season long! Challenging millenial pink, the mystical hue has rightfully become the ‘IT’ colour – the fashion world loves it, and it’s time you join in too!.  Hop on the trend bandwagon Lavender has everyone going gaga over it, with designers, such as, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Tibi to celebs like Priyanka Chopra, Amal Clooney endorsing it – out, loud and proud. You can wear it in your clothes, your accessories, shoes, and now, even in your jewellery. So, join this beautiful hued clan with our latest line of jewellery! Add a bit of mystic and magic to your everyday mundane outfit, with a little dash of lavender jewellery. (Check out this amazing blog which is all about the gold jewellery with enamel! Go enamel lovers, and explore!) Lavender goes with everything – every outfit, every occasion and…

SS’18: Get Ready to Drool – Feast on Fashion!

Sorbet tones, ice-cream shades, gelato pastels, marsh-mellow hues! – sounds like a dessert parlour menu? Well, not really, these are the many ways to call out the latest, and supremely delicious fashion colour trend on the block – Pastels! Runways: Dessert Destination But, if you are thinking it is going to be all sappy romantic hues, and OTT saccharine fashion picks, DON’T! Remember, ‘Power women’ still remains the mother of all macro trends this season, and this trend doesn’t dilute that. Pretty is powerful It is all about finding the sweet spot between soft and defiant, as Victoria Beckham stated – ‘Delicacy can be strong’, so think of combos that are out-of-the-box. Think modern. Team your duck egg blue shirts with a mini skirt or layer it with bolder shades. Or just combine different pastels in one ensemble – these are super big. Sugar, Spice and all things Sass This colour…