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Six Gold Styles to Dress-up in This Diwali!

Dress up this Diwali for a bash to remember with these styles in gold & diamonds! 2020 and 2021 were years that shook us by the core. Online meetings for the office and with our near and dear ones were the norm. But now, it seems that finally, the time has come! As the festive season is upon us, we can now celebrate with our loved ones. Albeit still with some precaution (ahem, the pandemic is still not over). And what says a gala bash than dressing up to the notch with the best of your fashion looks? Sprinkle some joy this season with a side of style with looks that are killer (not too soon for that pun, is it?) So here are a couple of style tips from us to help you curate your Diwali dressing To. The. Point. And while you’re picking out your crackling outfits, why…

10 Gold Jewellery ready to gift! #Quickship

Diwali is here! …but you forgot to buy gifts and it’s THE day already. Don’t worry! Because we say it’s never too late to gift. Wanna quick-glance through 10  Quick Ship gold jewellery? The festival of lights aaandd gifts!! Oh, but juggling amid the chaos of working from home, and family, you forgot to buy gifts for your loved ones. We get it! And the Real urgency for that perfect gift has begun. You’re probably checking out your back up plans of gift vouchers and ‘festive coupons’ that you told ourselves you wouldn’t need. And now’s also the time when you’re open to suggestions and ready to take a trial run 🤞. However, we’re of the opinion that it’s STILL not too late to find “that Perrrfect Gift!”. But why worry, when we have something you’d just love! ‘Ready-to-gift’ gifts, all in GOLD!! Yay! As women, we love jewellery. To…

Diamonds Daily: New Trends, New You! #newdesigns

Inspired by the latest trends from the global fashion scene, our super cool design team crafts 6 new pieces of jewellery every single day. The idea is to make sure that you stay on-trend, and have matching jewellery for your ever-evolving wardrobe. Along with everything trendy and fashionable, we are stern believers of the idiom – ‘good things come in small packages’. Hence, presenting to your new designs in our Dainty Diamonds collections. It’s dainty, it’s gorgeous, it perfect for everyday use. So, go splurge on diamonds jewellery like never before! Afterall, what the point in buying diamonds if you can’t flaunt them every day, right? Start your festive shopping early this year.  For the series of celebrations, soirees, parties and family get-togethers coming your way, we will be bringing to you a host of new collections and designs to jazz up your festive look. So, look no further, your search…