The Total Pink Collection: A Trendy Choice to Match Your Work Outfits! #TrendAlert

Pink isn’t just a colour. It’s an attitude too!

—–Miley Cyrus 

Whatever is in ‘pink’ is beautiful. It is represents intuition, empathy, sensitivity, tenderness, of nurture, warmth, love, sexuality, abundance, romance, compassion, and femininity. This Autumn/Winter, it is just the thing which encompasses it all and the one shade that dominates the entire runway! Inspired by the trend, Melorra has created a vibrant collection in gold, diamonds, and pink enamel called The Total Pink Collection!

Celebrities and Designer’s Love Pink too! 

Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Richard Quinn, Lanvin, Michael Kors, and more kept it minimal yet bold with the use of single colours from clothing to make-up and experimenting on the silhouettes.

Perhaps the most famous exemplification of 2022’s hot pink trend came in the form of Valentino’s Pink PP Collection which debuted at the iconic brand’s Fall/Winter 2022/2023 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, where nearly every single look came exclusively in the shade. Zendaya, who has been the face of the brand since 2020, wore a hot pink pantsuit to the presentation. 

Other celebrities like Sara Ali Khan and Anne Hathaway looked stunning in an all-pink dress.  

About the Collection and its Inspiration

The right accessory makes dressing up more fun and can magnify the look. Inspired by the bold & powerful trend that stand out, we have created a range in gold and diamonds, and with the use of C33 Enamel (Borderless), that subtly encapsulates the power of pink to let you ace that every work demands.  

Here are a few style tips to look absolutely brilliant and stylish while hustling: 

Pair Fuchsia Fun Gold Earrings with a hot pink button up linen shirt. You may also love a shade of pink blush to enhance your looks.

This Pinkin Glory Gold Bracelet is stylish and sure to get you many compliments. Pair it with a flared pink trouser and classic white shirt.

This dainty On The Pink Side Diamond Pendant is a charmer. Wear a tank, a pair of jeans, and sneakers; this piece is the perfect cherry to your outfit.

Keep the Pink Domination Gold Necklace handy for a special event or an important meeting because you would want to look your absolute best. Pair it with a pantsuit.

This beautiful Blush Twist Gold Ring has a versatile appeal which can be paired with your laid back loose cut dress for a Friday event at the office. For the best look, pair it up with a pink belt.

The Total Pink Collection is all about the glam, colour, being all bold as the mood is just about standing out and a look-at-me vibe that is so bold, so powerful! The jewellery speaks for itself with its coloured details, and that which gives away a feeling of empowerment. 

You have all the reasons to be in the spotlight with the latest collection in gold and diamond that is explorative and extroverted. This season is all about showing off the power of pink and femininity in you.

Because why not? 

We are here to keep you stylish while being the most attractive version of yourself!

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