5 Tips to Remember Before Heading to a PARTY! #StyleTips

Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway”

———–Coco Chanel

What’s life without a little bit of glitz, glam and party?! Thanks to the pandemic, we have spent our fair share of time lounging in pajamas and track pants. So, every chance to go out is an opportune moment to reclaim the glory days. As the saying goes, life is a party, dress like it. And when it’s an actual party, get your beast mode on, and dress not just to impress but to kill!

There’s more than one reason to party, right? From Saturday night outs with your gals to cocktails parties, birthday parties or house parties, the list just goes on. No matter what the occasion, you need to bring your A-game to these.

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But getting glammed up for such events can be a little nerve racking sometimes. You don’t want to be over the top nor would you want to go completely unnoticed. Well, we have some hacks that will help you pick out the perfect look for your next soirée.

What’s the Occasion?

It’s important to dress according to the occasion. This will chiefly decide your overall look. So before you head out take a quick assessment of whether your outfit matches the event. Honorary parties such as birthdays, bachelorette parties or engagement parties, you may want to take a step back and be sure to not steal the thunder.  Silk, Satin dresses, shimmer skirt paired with nude tops, and A-line maxi dresses are some great options. Throw on some diamond drop earrings to complete the look.

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Go for chic casuals for house parties or dinner parties at home. Shirt dresses, denims with cut out tops, mini A-line dresses are perfect for such events. Keep it effortless by pairing them with some gold hoops.

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If you are headed to the club for a ladies night, then this is your chance to go the extra mile, experiment and express. Have fun with your style, no rules apply here. Corset tops, sequin dresses, your fav bralette and blazer combo could be your go to options. And don’t forget to pair it with some statement jewellery pieces.

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Day or Night? Doesn’t really matter!

Another aspect to keep in check is whether it is a day or an evening party. The vibe for a day party is often more mellow and leisurely than that of a night event. So your outfit and jewellery should set forth the same energy. Diamond studs or small drop earrings are the ideal option to pair with brunch party attires. Go  for something more elaborate yet elegant on those evening cocktails, wedding ceremonies.

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One for all, All for one outfit!

Have a stand by party wear attire that can be worn on several occasions. Something versatile such as the LBD. This will take off the pressure of picking out the so-called perfect outfit every time. When in doubt go for your back up and be party ready in no time. Accessorize with a gold necklace or bracelet.

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Keep your dance shoes ready!

Now this is where most of us make a losing bargain. If you think you will be dancing or walking about a bit, pick your heels accordingly. Instead of opting for open toe stilettos, go for block heel or even platform heels, anything that will allow you to have fun while looking ramp ready. 

And if you are sure you are looking to break a sweat on the dance floor, go mellow on the jewellery. Choose necklaces or bangles that don’t have fringes or dangling elements attached to them.

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What’s your personal style?

Don’t get caught trying to keep up with the trends. They will come and go, but your personal style is unique. Choose outfits that match your style and make you feel confident over everything else. If you are comfortable in your clothes, they will wear on you like a second skin. And that is what will make you memorable among a sea of trends. Go the same way when it comes to jewellery as well. Be it gold or diamonds, choose what boosts your mood!

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Now that you are armed with these tips, getting your party on should be a breeze. Don’t underrate the impact of jewellery on such occasions. The right accessories will bring the wow factor in your style. 

So, look your best with trend inspired jewellery from Melorra. We have all your party demands right here!

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