When Melorra Hits the Spotlight! #featured

Did you hear? We’re the talk of the town! When there are fashion, accessories and all things gold combined, there’s nothing short of magic in the air. And we see your love for this magic too!

While we’ve been constantly working on new collections and researching fashion trends (to give you the best, of course!), we’ve entered into the Zen mode. While our design studio has been filled with images of SS2019 there’s a constant debate of who-wore-it-best. And while we were busy with the debate, we were also getting featured! We admit we were thrilled!

We couldn’t be more excited to see your response, because well, the customer is Always the king. And we are definitely on cloud nine to see your love. We, at Melorra, have always made sure that you receive the best of precious jewellery that gels well with your lifestyle. Whether it is a gift for yourself, a someone special, or a BFF, we’ve made sure that all style looks have a gold piece.

Taking inspiration from the global fashion runways of the world, we translate the season’s trends into a collection that’ll fit into your fashion-forward wardrobe. When your clothing moves with the season, why not your jewellery? And that too, precious jewellery. With our focus on creating that perfect blend of fashion and jewellery, we’re revolutionizing the perception for gold and diamonds. For the better. Fine jewellery no longer needs to be occasion specific, chunky or even expensive! It’s time to add a little bling to your daily wear, whether it is a denim pairing for your casual days or with your formal pantsuit.

Making a difference in the fine jewellery sector, we’re all about filling the gaps in your trinket box. Featuring our high points, that have put us in the centre of attention, we’re sharing all the love!

Deccan Herald: Traditional Yet Modern

In India, most fine jewellery is treated as a luxury purchase reserved for weddings and special occasions, while costume jewellery is only for daily wear. However, there is a change in both the outlook and jewellery preferences of women today. As much as they are traditional at heart, they are also non-conforming when it comes to following customs blindly. Women today are strong, passionate, driven, ambitious, and work hard to achieve their life goals.

Read More at: https://www.deccanherald.com/living/traditional-yet-modern-709633.html


India Today: Go For Gold

Jewellery is one of the most essential aspects of a bride’s trousseau. As a new bride, there are several occasions that follow the big day, and these can continue for a good part of the year. Deciding what to pack and what not, to be worn later, can be a cumbersome experience. It is not practically possible to don heavy jewellery every time. Though traditional jewellery will always retain its charm, it can be an exciting prospect to experiment with something different and try new designs and elements.

Read More at: https://www.indiatoday.in/magazine/supplement/story/20190107-go-for-gold-1419058-2018-12-28


The Tribune: Live It Up

Flush of carefree happiness – living coral – is the proud colour of the year 2019 as Pantone proclaimed. A symbol to our need for optimism and joyful pursuits — this is one shade that’s going to colour fashion, interiors, life in general in the coming year!

Read More at: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/life-style/live-it-up/707125.html


The Times of India: Love Sparkles

Come February 14 and the gifting industry goes on overdrive. Right in the lead are the jewellery designers who literally burn the midnight oil to come up with the millionth iteration of the age-old design of love – the heart. And the heart still rules the roost. What can one say? The heart wants what the heart desires. But a heart-shaped trinket has also become a mark of self-love – after all, #oveyourself is a popular movement.


The Telegraph: Jewellery Makes for Timeless Gifts

Jewellery makes for timeless gifts and Valentine’s Day is just the right occasion to pamper her with some gifts! instead of chocolates and flowers of the old, pick up a shiny piece of jewellery that’ll be apt for this occasion. Choose from a vast range of products like Melorra’s snake-printed gold studs or a floral pendant that’ll be the highlight of your evening!

melorra.com gold

Deccan Herald: Some Sparkles For Your Star

The season to celebrate love is around the corner and Valentine’s Day will be upon us soon. If you are looking to pamper your loved one this Valentine’s Day, don’t go for the conventional flowers, chocolates, etc. This Valentine’s day, gift her something that is as precious and stylish as her! Dressing well and keeping oneself trendy is key these days. Here are some amazing pieces that Melorra’s VP Design suggests you can gift your beloved on this special day!

Read More at: https://www.deccanherald.com/living/some-sparkles-your-star-717805.html


Hindustan Times: Valentine’s Day 2019: 10 varied gifting options for February 14

Choosing gifts for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day or for that matter any special occasion can sometimes be a tricky affair. Should you go with the tried and tested chocolates or gift something fashionable to wear? Would dinner at a newly opened restaurant be a good option or should you book a spa day for them? Here’s what Melorra suggests.

Read More at https://www.hindustantimes.com/more-lifestyle/valentine-s-day-2019-10-diverse-gifting-options-for-february-14/story-87246YCz3vqEk18bW8LLuI.html


The Statesman: Fun and Experimental

Melorra unveiled its latest animal-motif inspired jewellery. The collection captures nature in all its glory to include fish, butterflies, dogs, cats, elephants and birds. The collection is available in both plain gold and diamond in multiple animal forms in the price range of Rs.5000 to Rs.15000. These include Cuckoo Canvas, Bow Wow, The Trunk Show to name a few.


We’re ecstatic with your love and it couldn’t be a better point of inspiration! So while we go back to creating new collections for the new season, we suggest you continue your shopping spree! Whether it is the latest gold earring design or a gold chain design that you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find them here at Melorra! 

Check out our trend-based collections here!

When Melorra Hits the Spotlight! #featured
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When Melorra Hits the Spotlight! #featured
When Melorra Hits the Spotlight! #featured
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