Why So Serious? It’s Just Gold! #UnTradition

Gold jewellery has been a sentiment for most of us. Jewellery that is associated with special occasions, traditional clothing and expensive buying that is supposed to be worn on the D-day and kept safely back into lockers. However, us millennials, definitely don’t want to do that!

As fashion trends seep into our wardrobes and even our shoes, bags and whatnots, why shouldn’t gold have some fun too?

And we’re here to change just that! Gone are the days when gold was just about headaches and handling with care. It’s time to change it up and mix it into our daily wear! Cause gold should not be just a thing to buy and keep it hidden, but to be flaunted all day every day. Here’s how millennials are changing the way they see gold:

Hoarded in a car Vs Comfy bed and blanket

Gold jewellery shopping was a family outing days earlier. Where everyone would go together to a mall or a local jeweller to shop. However, with us millennials and the technology of today, we rather just shop from the comfort of our bed. Sitting in our blankets and probably eating some popcorn, while we’re shopping!

Handle with Care Vs Keeping it on the dressing table

We’ve rarely seen the gold jewellery our mothers, and even our grandmothers, own. Out of the blue, one day, we’ll all see those intricate and chunky gold pieces coming out of the locker and kept right back in. A very occasion-based, shall we say? However, it’s time we embrace the gold just like any other accessory. It’s time we make a part of our dressing tables and places within reach, where we can don it every day and without any hassle!

For festive occasions only Vs Every day!

Gold has been only a part of festivities or a special occasion due to its not-so-discreet nature. While gold is supposed to be flaunted, why not do it every day? And that too, in style. No longer a piece that goes well only with traditional clothing, it’s time to add them to our Workwear, casuals and even party! And when gold becomes lightweight and inexpensive, there’s pretty much no other reason to say no.

Wedding day Vs Days after the wedding

Families have always bought gold jewellery for their younger one’s wedding day. However, what about after? After the D-day is over, there is a lot more to look forward to and well, gold jewellery definitely sounds like something we’d want to include! So instead of just the big day, we’re all about planning a little ahead.

So while you’re thinking of fine jewellery, it’s all about flaunting it every day! Whether it’s a date night, a cocktail party or that business lunch, it’s all about including your style to your jewellery too. While fashion trends are a part of your clothing, its all about including them to your jewellery box.

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Why So Serious? It's Just Gold! #UnTradition
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Why So Serious? It's Just Gold! #UnTradition
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