10 Earring Styles for Your Workwear #styletips

While picking out earrings for casuals or party is a pretty comfortable task, pairing those with your work becomes a little tricky. What if it looks too much? What if my boss comments? And many more what-ifs… But what if, you match them perfectly?

In today’s time where women are all set to embrace their personal clothing style, why hesitate with jewellery? Solving all your dilemmas and answering the forever questions, we’re here to help you out with some simple techniques to pair up your formal attires with your earrings:

#1. Blazer Setting

We all have those Mondays when there are meetings to attend and slideshows to present. So while you’re prepping up your outfit with a blazer, add on gold hoop earrings to your attire. These would not only show off your confident side but will also win you style points.

Minimal Mode hoops

#2. Formal Shirt

Formal shirts have become a thing to flaunt over these years. Where we all are experimenting with a chic tucked in look with a pair of brogues. So while you’re all set to flaunt this look, add on studs or Huggies for a clean finish. These would not hamper with your oh-so-formal look, but instead, tie it all together.

Fab Furbelow Studs

#3. Formal Tops

Now a day’s tops have become an easy choice for most of us. Whether you’re in a mood to dress up or not, a top will save the day! From V-necks, round to high necks, there are a lot of options to choose from. So depending on the neckline you can choose to add on earrings as you please. For example, a V-neck top can be paired with danglers while a round neck one can have hoops!

Violet Flutter Danglers

#4. Dresses

If you’re more comfortable without the pants (aren’t we all), a dress is a sure-shot way to go. Comfort being your first choice, you can add on some enamel drop earrings that’ll not only add colour but also prove to be a stylish addition. From a business meeting to a luncheon, it’ll work with all.

Formal Greys Danglers

#5. Casual top + jacket

While some offices choose the formal way, there are many more adapting to the casual way of dressing up. T-shirts, jeans have become more acceptable with smart-casuals being the dress code. So if you’re one of those who likes to add a blazer to pretty much all their casual tops (‘cause of the AC of course), a pair of studs is a sleek way to go. Minimal and classic, it can include the colours of your attire or even add a contrasting shade to your look.

Dual Scholars Studs

#6. Prints

Florals, geometric, abstract…there are loads of print options and now, they are also available for your office wear, Finally! Move away from solids and pick out the one you love, these are the ideal Friday additions that display more style quotient and in a fun way. So while the print is doing all the talking, add on a pair of studs that go with your attire, without stealing the limelight.

Sync in Sequin Drops

So pick up a gold earring and match it with your officewear, just like your fashion jewellery. With trends and gold gelling so well, you have a plethora of options to choose from and pair up for everyday, parties, or even just a day out with your friends.. there’s one for all your looks!

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